Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BBT 2008 Kicks of f Wednesday 8/20/08

The summer leagues are over, we have had a week off and now it is time to for the BBT 2008 season to begin.

Last year we bowled a 34 week tour and had a million stories...
  • Rob D was the surprise point leader and tied for the most titles with 5...can he repeat?
  • Tittie, really came on strong at year end and finished 2nd in points with 3 titles and a 2nd in the tournament of Champions.
  • Waz - was solid all year 3rd in points with 5 titles...he was either good or bad...depending on his foot health
  • PJ was 4th in points and the highlight of the year was his 1st and only title...man was he pumped
  • Cesar, 5th in points and 3 titles last year had the second most 4th place finishes...either he had it or didn't
  • Reinfart - 1 title...how was that possible?
  • Lou V - 7th in point and 3 titles...should improve on that this year
  • Fritz - ???
  • Rob F. 1 title and 9th in points...keeps his cool and he can win
  • Den-Pin - 1 title the first week and not much else...should improve this year for sure
  • Frankie B - won 2 times including the Tournament of Champs...can he repeat?
  • Dee - Had a tough time against the boys...but made one final shooting against her main squeeze...how hard was that?
Missing will be Sip, Tommy Salami who are off to college but it remains to be seen what 2008 BBT will bring...one thing we know...it will be a blast...


  1. How will handicap be determined at the start of the BBT?

  2. I think Bowling is Gay is WAZy'S alias.

  3. Kevin has an algorithm that he uses..he takes your regular average, divides by your age, adds your weight and then does a square root of the final number. That is your handicap.

  4. Hi Chris, bowling is gay. See everyone at the lanes

  5. If he used my weight in any equation, my cap would be higher than PJ'S. No offense PJ, but I think I'm getting screwed.


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