Sunday, August 24, 2008

Andy Loose cashes in Ft. Wayne, In

Andy Finishes 34th in PBA Regional

Andy got a lesson last Wednesday from Reinhardt and went on to the PBA Regional over the weekend and cashed, finishing in 34th place out of 109 bowlers.

See Andy, you bowl with the big boys and then go off to Ft Wayne and look what happens...great going Andy, just the beginning of good things for you.


  1. Thanks for the kind words guys, it was definitely rough going this weekend...

    I started out trying to stay WAY too far right and paid for it, going 171, 191 first two games (nevermind the fact that I blew the tenth in both games...)

    Then I moved in and went 212, 257, 236 to move up to +67 and only three pins out of the cut for Top 16 (again, blew the tenth in the third game...)

    Then it transitioned again real funky, and I made a couple of poor decisions and saw my number drop all the way to +23, but at least this time I made a cut by single digits, instead of missing by single digits, as was happening all too often

  2. Great going Andy...just make sure that the next time you bowl against me in the BBT you shoot that 171...

  3. 171 might be enough to beat you anyways.

  4. Reinfart...I printed your comment and posted it on my monitor...the next time we a match...I will remember...

  5. Kevin doesn't need a monitor to remember!


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