Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tommy Finishes 11th in Junior Team USA Finals

Bowl Great, but Falls just a bit short
River Rands own Tommy Smith is back to the wood store. After giving it his all in Detroit finishing in 11th place. He went into the finals in 4th place but dropped 7 places by virtue of his 7-9 match game record.

He shot great all week, leading over 1000 bowlers on first day qualifying and stayed near the top all week. He was in 4th place heading into the round of 16.

I guess all that practice and BBT competition really paid off. Great going Tommy, you should be really proud of yourself.

1 Geoffrey Young
Denton, TX 11- 5- 0 10345
2 Daniel SpinkFlorissant, MO 10- 6- 0 10283
3 Tim PfeiferCranberry Twp., PA 11- 5- 0 10256
4 Andrew KoffMiami, FL 9- 7- 0 10123
5 Daniel FarishLouisville, KY 7- 9- 0 9994
6 Brent BowersMulvane, KS 9- 7- 0 9964
7 Jarret MizoHonolulu, HI 9- 7- 0 9960
8 Josh BurkhardtBeavercreek, OH 10- 6- 0 9956
9 Larry BrandeCooper City, FL 8- 8- 0 9873
10 Jeremy MooneyWest Palm Beach, FL
6- 10- 0 9853
11 Tommy SmithDesPlaines, IL 7- 9- 0 9809
12 Matthew TuckfieldMiami, FL 7- 9- 0 9766
13 Jake PetersDecatur, IL 6- 10- 0 9723
14 Chris CreeksZelienople, PA 6- 10- 0 9673
15 Kyle KingGlendale, AZ 7- 9- 0 9644
16 Paul HoganManteca, CA 5- 11- 0 9599


  1. Great work out there Tommy, definitely awesome to see you bowling well at such a big tournament

  2. Congratulations Tommy, were all proud of you. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

  3. You talking about all that free practice they get that causes league fees to be higher? Oh ya, practicing helps.

  4. Anonymous, go get a job.

  5. For whatever reason, Craig lets the "kids" bowl for free...don't know why...maybe tomorrows customer.

    Remember, Craig is a very generous, non greedy business man...he is very kind to the BBT charging us a very, very low rate...but in result, he has the undeterred loyalty of all of us. (Except for Fritz)...the big maybe Craig has a method to his madness.

    Did you notice that all of the kids that bowl for free...are all in the Summer Doubles league?

  6. I've been going to practice and it's only $2.25 a line for the summer. And, if your a league bowler any time of the year, he only charges you the senior rate. Considering he just spent a boatload of money on the place with new lanes and new pins, that's not bad at all.

  7. I'll pay a lot of money for pins that fall more frequently for me?

  8. Good point, Lou, that the kids that bowl for free are bowling in the summer league. Besides, I don't think Craig would let a bunch of kids bowl for free and then make up for it by charging league bowlers more for their linage??? Have you ever been to River Rand???

  9. Oh, yeah, and good bowling Tommy!

  10. Considering none of the kids spend any money at the bowling center, including $0.00 for lineage, and they had their summer league paid off by someone that charges them $0.00 for lineage...the overall income created by them, for the bowling center, is somewhere in the negative numbers. Even at a $1 per game the bowling center would be losing money. Considering the bowl about 50 to 100 games every Wednesday night during the fall, and don't pay a penny, it is completely unfair to league bowlers. Our Wednesday rates went up a $1.00 a night, which happens to be about the same amount of money that could be generated by charging the kids a $1.00 a game every time they bowl...and that is only counting them bowling on Wednesday nights. For our Wednesday night league that is taking over $3,000 out of our prize fund.

  11. Is that true Kevin?

  12. Everything that I state is to the best of my knowledge true.


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