Monday, July 7, 2008

Double Talk

As we head into week 7 of the River Rand Doubles League I wanted to give my 2 cents worth. In the last few years, the league has kind of been a cozy, smaller "private" league with the same people from year to year.

Now this year everything has changed. We exploded to 24 teams and have you ever seen a league that has bowlers from 15 to 75? How cool is that? Thanks to Sip, Andy, Russ, Tommy and the other "young" guns who all got teams into the league. Good to see new faces in Mike Steil, Paul Bober and Andy Loose among others. Got some seniors back with Sid and Mike Laxson and all of the great guys from Monday/Wednesday night.

Last year the league was super, super tight until the last night...with any of a bunch of teams who could win it...this year is shaping up to much the same.

What is curious is that the entering average is 11 pins under the current league average. That is a lot. The averages by week were:

Week 1 185
Week 2 188
Week 3 188
Week 4 193
Week 5 193
Week 6 187
Week 7 194

High game belongs to Woodie with a 297 and High Series for 4 of 963 belongs to Andy Loose and the top series for 5 of 1255 also belongs to Andy.

I think we are all having tons of fun...Week 7 should be very interesting...


  1. The league average is a little higher every week, except the blip of week 6. Seems like everyone is slowly getting use to the lanes. I will make the prediction that Woody's 297 will not hold up and neither will Andy's 4 game series. I think his 5 game series isn't going to be touched...unless Andy out does himself.

  2. Speaking of having tons of fun! Is there anybody out there interested in a pool where we pick who will be the first team in the majors to clinch their division. Or, which Chicago team will clinch their division and when they will do it?

  3. I have a pick, and it isn't either team in this town and I don't believe it'll be close either.

  4. hey tommy smith is leading

    lou check it out andy and kyle are also up there


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