Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Double Talk from Lou V.

A bit past mid-point wrap-up

With 10 points per team up for grabs tonight
...anything can happen.

It has been
a very interesting league so far this year. 24 teams, hugely diverse set of people, lots of laughs and great competition. Here is my assessment as we go into week 8 of 12.

Places 1-5 Will Gene and Bill be able to keep winning and will their good fortune continue? With Andy back from a triumphant 20th place finish in Detroit, be pumped up to continue his great bowling back home? Mike and Mike look like the class of the league and are only 3 point out...will they stay strong? Matt and Lou...man Matt, you are getting heavier every week...remove head from your butt and start bowling like you know how...Sarah and Andy Loose...what can I say...some handicap and a great anchor man.

Places 6-10 - Kenny and Justine are a real surprise to me...one of the youngest teams and only 5 points out of first...Krone and Bober...each week they inch up...be very afraid...Siran and Battersby, a steady 8th, Hugh and K Sanders...steady and explosive...can they mix? Tommy Smith and Sip...both spent the week in Detroit bowling in the Junior Team USA...do they have any gas left in the tank?

Places 11-20 - The Rittis are not having fun...Mike and Dennis can not hit the new lanes, Sid and Mike are kind of stuck in the middle of the pack, and what can we say about Cesar and Kevin...what a surprise...they blow...defending champs Bill and Mike...Kasten is struggling like most lefties on this shot and are not making much of a run to repeat, Alex and Ryan...quietly in 15th, Mike D and Barry Harris...coming in they had to be a favorite...now with the lefty shot gone and Mike really blowing...??, Craig and Gerbel...what did you expect...Dee and Joshua...the lanes have stole their games and both are really struggling...Izy and Woody...19th place, this is a real surprise...Kyle and Wally...20th...can't get anything going.

Places 21-24 - These teams are not having fun...Kashia and Kyle, Russ and HOLEMAN really blow, PJ and Rob...PJ absolutely sucks this summer and Lefty Rob...has his shot taken away...results...23rd place...and finally Ann and Mark...OUCH...

It will be fun tonight...


  1. Small wager Luigi? Lefty Power finishes ahead of the "Koljackoff's"! How about it?

  2. I would love to win it all , but the way Tommy and Sip were shooting at the end, they are my pick to be the favorite to win the whole thing. As tough as the shot was for most of us at the end, they made it look easy in kickin are arse! Great bowling tonight guys!

  3. So how tight is it at the top? There can't be too many points separating 1st-4th...

  4. basically we fucking blow anymore questions?? lol its hard to prevent the holeman meltdown every week haha!!



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