Thursday, July 24, 2008

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38 Bowlers under their entering averages! What is that about?

The new lanes and the 10 pin drop rule have really changed the Summer Doubles league dramatically. We have 48 regular bowlers and 37 of them are averaging under their entering average. In fact, Russ Decaluwe is 29 pins under, Barry Harris 23 under, Kyle 21 under, Reinfart 17 under, Hole-Man 13 under etc.

Looks like the "lefty" shot at River Rand went out the door with the wood lanes and the big crankers are struggling. However, the straighter players are shooting well. Take Paul Bober, Mike Steil and Andy Loose…they are all averaging in the 220's. Now they are good bowlers everywhere, but there are others in the league that averaged 220 elsewhere and are not even close to that this summer.

So, what is going on here? Comments?

First Last Current Ave Ent Ave. Dif.
Russell Decaluwe 196 225 (29.37)
Barry Harris 200 224 (23.56)
Kyle Larson 203 225 (21.76)
Kasia Kaufman 173 191 (17.53)
Joshua Thompson 188 205 (17.27)
Kevin Reinhardt 207 224 (17.09)
Mike Laxson 188 204 (15.95)
Mike Delmonico 185 201 (15.53)
Sarah Levin 181 195 (14.34)
Andy Decaluwe 198 212 (14.27)
Daniela Martorano 193 207 (13.55)
Mark Kraut 181 194 (13.18)
Chris Holman 193 206 (13.15)
Jim Izarel 193 205 (12.26)
Pat Stallone 160 171 (11.33)
Rob Deignan 191 202 (11.24)
Wally Papciak 189 200 (11.07)
Mike Marshak 204 213 (9.37)
Mike Kasten 207 216 (9.23)
Mike Ritti 200 209 (8.79)
John Krone 188 196 (7.51)
Kyle Sheldone 181 188 (7.00)
Matt Koljack 184 191 (6.72)
Ryan Unzicher 166 173 (6.61)
Woody Jarems 204 210 (5.77)
Ann Wasik 139 144 (5.24)
Jon Sipich 207 212 (5.06)
Ken M. Hulbert 188 193 (4.84)
Bill Switalski 202 206 (4.00)
Andy Loose 218 222 (3.98)
Mike Steil 221 225 (3.88)
Paul Bober 222 226 (3.66)
Bill King 195 198 (3.00)
Dennis Ritti 193 195 (2.12)
Ceaser Benavides 203 205 (1.89)
Alex Hulbert 166 168 (1.51)
Craig Kouros 162 163 (0.74)


  1. i think once the lanes are broken in more and are bowled on for awhile then it will even out!! Although i am averaging the same average i had last year at river rand when they were wood so my average for the house hasn't changed!!


  2. I was going to say, haven't you averaged around 200 at River Rand historically??? I think that 225 is from Brunsdick M.P. right??? Where you are the K.D.A.L. ( king ding a ling for those of you who didn't know what that meant )

  3. Anyone who brought in an average from the old Thunderbird Lanes is probably inflated. They were always easy, especially for lefty's.

  4. which is exactly y we should use the average established at river rand and not the average from another house lol!!

  5. An average is an average, no matter where it's coming from.

    My 222 entering is coming from Classic Bowl, I had 51 games.

    I was at 217 at Thunderbird/BZMP for 99 games.

    The fact of the matter is it's absolutely irrelevant what house your average comes from, it's your average. If it's too high, go bowl the PBA Experience league at Beverly Lanes.

  6. At the end of the day everyone is playing on the same conditions at River Rand and may the best team win. It should make you a better bowler and help you focus more because you are changing pairs every game.

  7. Thats not always true delmonico..I'm not sure how the lanes were oiled or whatever but last week lanes 1 and 2 were rediculous. well not really 2 but 1 seemed like 60 feet of oil and u basically had to point at the head pin because there was virtually no hook and in that case both lanes were different and not everyone bowled on 1 and 2 so not everyone bowled on that garbage. If someone happened to bowl on that pair during a bracket game persay then that puts you at a disadvantage. I also don't know how river rand is i'm pretty sure its like other alleys in that the lanes are oiled before league and nobody bowls on them so then really it is the same for everyone. However, if open bowlers persay are put on some of the league bowlers lanes but not others then that changes the shot and again there is a disadvantage or advantage depends who bowls on the lane.

  8. I happened to be one of the unlucky ones who had to bowl on lanes 1 and 2 last week. Yes lane one was horrid, but I still managed a 170. When I saw Andy Decaluwe's ball hit the 10 board and skid straight back and take out the six, nine and ten. I knew I had to change the way that I threw the ball. We could go on and on about all the idiosyncrasies, but we still have not bowled some teams in the Doubles league, but others 8 to 10 times.

  9. I have a suggestion for next years Doubles league. To be truly fair and so that teams do not have to bowl the same team three times in one night. If the odd numbered teams moved one lane to the right and the even numbered teams moved two lanes to the right, than noone will have to bowl the same team that night. This would have nothing to do with whether you won or lost the previous game and would ensure that you would bowl five different teams that night.

  10. thats a good idea...i can say that i haven't played at least 3 teams this year at all which kinda sux!!



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