Friday, July 18, 2008

Can't vote for someone who bowled a 37

Obama shoots 37 - Almost beats PJ...

I have a real problem with Obama.

Besides the fact that the pre-sumptive Democratic Presidential nominee has virtually no foreign policy experience, only a few years in the Senate, is a Chicago politician that is owned by the Daley's, convicted Felon Rezko's best buddy and sweetheart land deal getter, has a wife that makes some really dumb comments, will raise income and capital gain taxes, is nothing more than a sound byte and will CHANGE everything...

Let me tell you, I used to live in Washington D.C. and the only way anything will really change in the Capital is if they get rid of all of the politicians and elect a big time CEO who takes over the government and is in office for 50 years to clean out all of the crap.

But more importantly, do you want a President who sucks at bowling? Earlier in the year in Altoona, PA he had the nerve to go bowling and shot a 37. A that really, really blows.


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  2. Do we need to invite him to the USBC's? He might be able to manage a 111...a feat only matched my Lou (and myself). And since when did the Blog go all political? Rest assured knowing the state you live in will be giving all its electoral votes to that bowler of a 37.

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