Friday, July 11, 2008

Andy Loose, Paul Bober and Sarah Levin make some noise on the 5th

Andy, Paul and Sarah set off their own fireworks in Springfield, IL on July 5th in the July Trios Shootout hosted by PBA member Jeff Carter. The format was handicap, 100% of the team average cap of 675, 4 games of qualifying, cut to the top 8, 4 games of baker match play with the 4th game being a position round, 30 points for a win, 15 for a tie, then cut to the top 5 for Stepladder finals.

After qualifying our new Tuesday Doubles League bowling buddies were in 5th place, shooting a total of 2868 for 4 games. They then shot 290 scratch (304 with handicap, win), 279 scratch (293 with handicap, win), 288 scratch (302 with handicap, win) to shoot 857 scratch and leap into first place. They held onto first during position round and were the leaders going into the stepladder final.

With only one match left to win, they did so by over 20 pins for the victory.

Wow 290/279/288 scratch in a baker format…AMAZING…Great shooting guys and Sarah.

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