Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Andy and Jeff take over 1st Place winning 10 points Tuesday

Andy D. Powering their way to first place

The cost of oil is very high and most people conserve, but you wouldn't know it last night as River Rand put out tons of oil on the high end, causing the lowest scores of the year. But, it also caused quite a shake-up in the standings.

Taking over first place is Jeff and Andy, moving up from 4th last week, Krone and the absent Bober remained in second, (nice bowling Matt, you big douche), surprise of the summer, Kenny and Justine moved from 5th to 3rd, Mike and Mike had a tough night and dropped to 4th from first and the Koljackoff's Matt and Lou somehow are in 5th...(Matt you blow)...

One point behind is Siran and Battersby, Sarah/Andy and 2 behind making a big drop from 3rd to 8th are Gene and Bill.

2 Weeks to go...both 4 game sets and just like last is going to be close and fun.

Place Team Bowlers Pts Pins

1 #16 Burger Kings Jeff Meyer and Andy DeCaluwe 62 20807
2 Team 9 John Krone and Paul Bober 60 21117
3 Team 18 Kenny Hulbert and Justine Cronin 60 20827
4 Team 8 Mike Marchak and Mike Steil 58 20773
5 The Koljackoffs #2 Matt Koljack and Lou Vasselli 55 20698
6 Team 21 Siran Khano and Steven Battersby 54 20547
7 Team 6 Sarah Levin and Andy Loose 54 20456
8 Team 17 Gene Bandola and Bill King 53 20578
9 Team 4 Dennis and Mike Ritti 52 20902
10 #23 Big Tyme Tommy Smith and Jon Sipich 52 20693
11 Team 12 Craig Kouros and Steve Griddell 46 20629
12 Team 19 Bill Switalski and Mike Kasten 46 20567
13 #3 House Cats Inc. Cesar Benavides and Kevin Reinhardt 46 20527
14 Solid #13 Daniela Martorano and Joshua Thompson 45 20170
15 Lefty Power #1 Mike Delmonico and Barry Harris 45 19841
16 Team 5 Hugh Storey and Keith Sanders 44 20707
17 #14 Got Wood? Jim Izrael and Woody Jarems 44 20626
18 Team 10 Sid Feiger and Mike Laxson 44 20288
19 Team 11 Alex Hulbert and Ryan Unzicher 44 20277
20 Team 24 PJ Stallone and Rob Deignan 40 20092
21 #20 Hol-Pounders Russ DeCaluwe and Chris Holman 38 19647
22 Team 22 Ann Wasik and Mark Kraut 38 18080
23 Team 7 Kyle Sheldone and Wally Papciak 34 20402
24 #15 W W Chicken Din Kashia Kaufman and Kyle Larson 31 19454


  1. make sure you watch the us open website for updates.

    Arelis, Terysa from my tournament will be bowling it as well.

    it is going to be a very good turnout.

    hope i can get things started .


  2. dont worry after watching you bowl I'm sure nothing will get started

  3. Lou, are you going to be looking for a new partner for next summer?

  4. yeah ass... you try bowling injured see how you feel ... try being in PT for 12 sessions and having your xrays come back with 3 discs in your spine leaning on your nerve and your pelvis (one side higher than the other)

    At least I try to compete... and I don't have any expectations right now when I am NOT 100 %

    your too chicken to say it to my face you coward.


  5. just a suggestion Dee. maybe yu shuld take a little time off to resst yuor backe.

  6. i will be as soon as i am done doing my best here at the OPEN ... and on tuesdays... then i won't be bowling until i am done with therapy sessions.


    fyi... too lazy to sign in

  7. I'm sure you would have liked to finish higher, but the 190 avg. is pretty decent. Not bad Daniella.

  8. i finished hard and did my best and with the exception with the first day and a couple of bad judgements on the way i played the lanes i was very pleased. Thanks to everyone who supported me . I improve from last year and that is all that mattered. My back held up the ENTIRE weekend so I was glad about that.

    Better luck next year.


  9. owww my back haha!!


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