Friday, June 27, 2008

Woodie Shoots 297, Bill Swit 290 but scores much lower than week 4

Scores this week were lower than last week by 6 pins. The league averaged 187, but keep in mind these scores do not include the multiple subs who bowled.

There were a few good scores with 7 games over 250, including a 266, 290 by Bill Swit and the Woodster shot 297...leaving a 3/6/10 on the 12th shot...can we say that was not a clutch shot...(sorry Woodie).

There were 3 1100's by Mike Steil, Bill Swit and the 1973 champ, showed he still has it with a 256, 254 start for 1103 finish.

Overall league average is 188.92, well below the entering average of 198.

Is the shot tough, or do we have a ton of new bowlers coming from easier houses we are now bowling in the real world?

Your thoughts?


  1. nope not tough... just now you have to be more consistent..

    the breakpoint seems to be at 10 (dark board down the lane) get it there and you will see the ball hook (pocket) ... get it outside of the dark board.... washout.... miss it left... face (theough the head pin = possible ugly split)...

    On synthetic you have to start right .... couple of frames later... move left... couple of frames move back right... and then jump left.. after you broke down the carry down.

    On wood it was just move left and left and left and left... you actually have to watch your ball react to see what you have to do differently.

    I am sure in a couple of years there will bump room on the outside but since they are new , you haven't developed the "track" yet.

    FYI... i will be at the game today so if you are watching look for me.

    117 row 32...

  2. don't expect to strike alot and throw the ball good if YOU DON'T PUT YOUR TIME INTO PRACTICE.

    Don't complain about the shot if you are not throwing the ball good.

    and bowling league is not considered practice

    Bowling for Thought of the day !!!!

  3. Hard to take advice from someone who is averaging almost 30 pins under her entering average.

  4. funny... i was going to give excuses but I am not.. I am averaging 30 pins less but I have been injured for the past 6 weeks.. I pulled my pelvis so i am not bowling at 100% ...but that is besides the point.. I can read how the lanes are supposed to play and can give pretty good damn advice..

    Now days AVERAGE means shit.. just cause someone can average 220 (in most cases) does NOT mean your 220 good. AND THAT IS NOT TOWARDS ANYBODY IN PARTICULAR..

  5. i dont see consistency every time we move lanes they seem to play different...the carry blows and when someone with 70 sticks shoots 230 scratch makes it hard to win!!!

  6. the 10 pin drop rule is bs to because a ton of people are averaging less than that and in turn are getting screwed because they are getting less pins than really should be getting...i know its their for sandbagging purposes but its a 14 week league and there isn't enough time to sandbag and then come back so if that rule was dropped it would be even!!

  7. okay.. I just read a great article just now... anybody who gets BOWLING THIS MONTH should really read it... it gives great advice on EVERYTHING.

    ANOTHER great book to read is a book you pass every time you go up to the couter. PAR BOWLING... that book was wrote by Tom (craig's dad) IT IS THE MOST WONDERFUL well put together book on mental bowling out there.

    ANYBODY who "WANTS" to improve their games should start with the mental part of the game. I will practically preach this until I die "IF YOU BELIEVE IT YOU WILL SEE IT" you have to believe in yourself and stop thinking negatively about every shot and attack every shot with a positive attitude. NEGATIVE THOUGHTS = NEGATIVE RESULTS.

    Why not stop focusing on this 10 pin drop rule and ALL the handicap in the world and focus on your own game. You cannot control what someone does or does not do.

    WWW.PBA.COM ... go to the forums there and listen to all the BS and negative stuff they say there. One article in there talks about how this guy was averaging 200+ and now is 170 and he is considered a sandbagger because he shot 1900 in the regular division when he should be in the classified division. Bowling is NEVER going to be considered a Olympic Sport because everyone can stumble into a great game.


    Screw what everyone else is doing around you and worry about your own game.

    How many of you "so called" good bowlers miss spares.. How many of those games you BLEW because you were so worried about striking that you forgot to pick of your spares. Your SPARE BALL is the most important ball in your bag and that should be the first ball that comes out of your bag. Your high performance ball should be next.


    Someone once told me to fill the box during competition... hmmmm I was not worried about frame after frame and what I needed.. I filled the box.. I threw my shot each frame like it ALWAYS is my first. Strikes came more natural because I was focussed on making a great shot.

    Bill S. for example.. anybody watch his approach? Yeah you might say he takes too long on the approach but guess what HE IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF GREAT MENTAL GAME. Most of the time he is accurate and can repeat shots. You will never know if he is going for a 100 game or a 300 game. THAT IS AWESOME. That is why he scores better. I bet he thinks of just bowling each frame.

    Most of you worry about staying clean.. well if you worry about it ... you subconsciously start to squeeze a little without knowing it. Make a decision and stick with it.. Visualization is the biggest trick.

    Okay well it is 12:16 a.m now and I have put my 2 cents in but if you ask anybody out there YOUR GAME IS 80% MENTAL and only 20% physical. When you start to make great shots and think positive .. positive results will start to happen.. and that is not just in bowling.

  8. no unfortunately you r wrong daniela. in this league when someone with tons of handicap shoots some high 200 scratch and u need to basically double that score to win spares don't do shit. all you can do is make a good shot you can't control carry. every house plays different and sometimes carry is just luck. the ten pin drop rule does matter because when you average like 20 pins below the average you r set with u r missing out on at least 20 more pins of handicap which can help you win a game. if all that doesn't matter then bowl scratch and tell those terrible bowlers to just learn to bowl better because this drop rule shit favors them.

  9. well then 2 things.. either go practice and learn why your not carrying or don't bowl. YOUR CHOICE. If you don't like it TOO BAD. Quit complaining about something that can't be changed now

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  11. I think you should only worry about what you can control... like executing good shots... if you are going to worry about what everyone else is doing then just stay home and don't go bowling. Ten pin drop rules are put in for a reason... I agree that it may favor the lower average bowler... but at the same time you can either complain about it or go out and try to improve your game... if your average dropped 20 pins below your average maybe that is an indication that you were not supposed to be averaging that high... no matter where you go or how you throw the ball scores in general are going up due to lane conditions being easier... and bowling "scratch" is a lost cause because scratch bowling is dead... I read earlier a comment with regards to taking advise from someone who's average has dropped 30 pins or so... average means nothing in today’s world... so a comment like that is better off left unsaid... also the lanes "ARE" going to play different from lane to lane and game to game due to the fact that we are moving around and you have to follow other bowlers that may have used different surfaces and played different parts of the lane... you have to understand that oil moves around differently on old wood vs. brand new synthetic... i just think people that do NOT put the time into the game by practicing should not be allowed to comment on lanes, oil conditions, and especially handicap... it is easy to speak your mind on a blog like this one... but why not "SACK UP" and voice your opinion to those who can control the league handicap like the league officers... if you are that unhappy with bowling or bowling at RRB then don’t come back!!!! And if you do not agree with my views then to f**kin bad!!! Sorry to seem blunt but I get tired of hearing people complain and complain and yet do nothing about trying to improve their game or the integrity of the sport. Bowling is headed in the direction it is because people are to lazy to practice, instead they go and purchase a new bowling ball… then they go out and bowl in league… shoot a good score and now their heads get big and they start to believe that they are good or belong on the PBA tour… just look around in this league… some people claim to be the “best bowler” in the house and yet seem to s**k night after night… and yet again instead of practicing and trying to get acquainted with the new lanes… they much rather cry about the lane conditions and complain about handicap. Maybe this should be a wake up call to some of you… wake up and smell the coffee… YOU NEED PRACTICE!!! While buying a new ball is nice… it should not substitute going out to practice and executing on good shot making… my .02c

  12. Daniela, you give some great advice and apparently there are some people that will not be taking it. Envisioning in your mind what you are going to do before you do it, is the right approach. A great golfer like Tiger Woods sees exactly where he is going to hit the ball and what he is going to accomplish. He is a tireless worker when it comes to working at his game. Your average Joe golfer sees all the obstacles that a given hole has to offer. For example; water, sandtrap, trees & etc. Same thing in bowling. Also, know who is bowling on the lanes ahead of you and take into consideration where they are playing. And take notice of how your ball is reacting in the third game of the night. I believe that is the bridge between the 1st (2) and last (2) games of the night.

  13. sometimes you aren't going to be good at every house and maybe river rand is one of those houses for most people but saying stop complaining about handicap..then make it scratch but wait scratch anything is dead because there are to many pussies who complain that they need pins!! works both ways!! oh yea this league actually almost voted on 90 percent of 230 average god what a joke that would of been..why don't we make it 90% of 300 so you can get rocked every game and in the end when you complain ill just tell you to bowl better lol!!

  14. Man, I gotta start coming out on Tuesdays!!! Ceasar/Dee, you know you are my friends and I do agree with most of what you guys say. But, you have to realize that there will always be complainers. Not everybody has the will and drive that you guys have to make themselves better's just easier to complain. The other thing is that bowling now just plain old SUCKS. Sandbagging is out of control, leagues are dying because nobody wants to commit or pay for 2-3 leagues a week, and most of your decent bowlers now are EGO MANIACS. I know most of them! I can name at least five "friends" of mine that if we went and bowled a tournament and I won it, they would say it was a bullshit shot where you had to grab the ball all over to score and that's all they would do is complain complain complain about how that is not the "right way to bowl." However, if we went to a tournament and they won it, it's because the way they bowl is the "right way" and the reason I didn't bowl well is because I don't throw it right. HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE??? Too many people want to be the KING DING A LING.
    It's just not here in Chicago either. I talk to a guy pretty regularly in Detroit that averages in the 230's and is a PBA member and he says our situation here is the same in Detroit.
    All I can say is to enjoy what you do have because you never know when it's gonna be taken away from you. I definitely don't miss the BS that came along with bowling, but nothing can replace the good memories it gave me.

  15. brandon.... i am going to find a way i can clone my ankles so I can give you a brand new pair..

    I guess Anonymous wants to complain but doesn't want to be recognized .... funny... why don't you show yourself. stop hiding. MAN UP

  16. Dee-
    Good thing I don't need a new pelvis, huh! How the hell did you hurt your pelvis??? I remember I hurt my pelvis once...I couldn't have sex for two weeks!!! Oh, wait, that wasn't my pelvis....

  17. who the hell knows... sticking at stardust during the postal tournament...bowling at habettler ... falling on my rollerblades standing still (lol) .... over extending through one of my shots at the line...

    I have no idea how i did it... i do know that it had to be about 4 weeks ago when it started hurting. and the postal tournament was on the 7th of june.

  18. We know how Dee injured her pelvis...and it wasn't "sticking" on the line...


  19. Hey kool aid try being a lefty lol if you win something its because you are a lefty and the shot is cake but if you suck then its because you suck lol...can never win with these righties lol!!


  20. DEE - Postal tournament? When did you start working for the USPS???

    RUSS - Yeah, I know what you mean. Not everyone can tell the difference between a good lefty and a walled up lefty. However, there's no question which one you, look at the time, I gotta get going. See ya later!

  21. As long as there are 3 members from the post office on the team 2 non members can bowl so i was asked to bowl..

  22. Dee, the important thing...did you "deliver" at the USPS tourney

    PJ - Yet another Cubs dreamer. AFter the Sox pounded the wee out of them...the June Swoon will continue. They don't have the pitching to sustain...maybe in year 101 since the last title.

    Kool Aid - How is the ankle?

  23. i sure did... i shot 700 for doubles and 690 for singles and 590 for team when the lanes got tacky... we were in front of the counter and the door kept opening and closing and the humidity from outside came in right on the lanes. I think my doubles partner and I cashed in the the doubles section. I had alot of fun bowling. I made a ton in brackets and sidepots that weekend.

    LOU.... I think it was a tie for the crosstown classic so don't get your thong up your ass too far.

    I guess we will all just have to see.. who survives !!!!!

    It is going to be an interresting 2nd half of the season.

  24. Anonymous said...
    no unfortunately you r wrong daniela. in this league when someone with tons of handicap shoots some high 200 scratch and u need to basically double that score to win spares don't do shit. all you can do is make a good shot you can't control carry. every house plays different and sometimes carry is just luck. the ten pin drop rule does matter because when you average like 20 pins below the average you r set with u r missing out on at least 20 more pins of handicap which can help you win a game. if all that doesn't matter then bowl scratch and tell those terrible bowlers to just learn to bowl better because this drop rule shit favors them.

    June 28, 2008 1:21 AM

    with respect to this comment that i missed... HOW OFTEN TO YOU FIND YOURSELF BOWLING THIS CERTAIN INDIVIDUAL ? if your lucky you might have to cross against him once..... AHAHAHHAHA KARMA ... it must be karma then. lol

  25. hey kool aid how much you wanna bowl for?? lol


  26. oh and whats your real name so i know which amazing bowler from our league is talking smack lol


  27. prob a burger bowler for sure ill bet!!

  28. Brandon aka Mr. Kool AidJuly 2, 2008 at 12:18 AM

    Russ - since Lou asked me how the ankle was, didn't that give it away???

    Lou - ankle sucks...still no bowling, unless I try lefty, which is probably what Reinfart says...NO SHOT.

    Dee - It's definitely possible that we may have an all Chicago world series this year. The only question is whether the Cubs can get there or not!!!

  29. SOT bitches.. check this out.. i shot 1085 for the 5 games last night .. and I think I injured it more.. ahahah I took my own advice that I keep preaching to you guys.....and finally hit the same mark missed a couple of times but felt great. I just wish it did not hurt so much to bowl.

  30. brandon i knew the whole time lol how did u guys do in kentucky??

  31. Better than usual, but still not good enough to cash anything decent. Rich Blake shot very well. I think he's in the top five or ten in all events. We did well in the entertainment category as usual!!! I had to cut it to ten, but we still had a good time.

  32. okay I am going to chime in again... you know how I said you get out of what you put in ?

    here is a GREAT example

    Tommy Smith ---- practices ALL the time.

    Andy ==== practices all the time

    Jon Sip==== practices all the time

    guess what

    they are bowling GREAT at JOG






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