Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday Doubles in full swing - Lanes Still Tough

We are 4 weeks into the Tuesday Doubles and once again, the league is super, super close. Lots of new names at the top of the standings board. And some real surprises.

The scores are much lower than anticipated. The new lanes have brought lots of challenges and the scores have been low until this week.

Week Average games over 250

Week 1 185 - One game over 250
Week 2 188 - Six games over 250
Week 3 187 - 1 game over 250
Week 4 193 - 10 games over 250

Even more amazing, 20 bowlers out of 48 are victims of the 20 pin drop rule. Mike D and Barry H are 52 pins under, Reinfart is 24 under, Dee and Joshua are 41 under, Russ D and Holeman are 55 under!!! This is result, they are getting pounded in the standings.

See above for current standings.


  1. Use a dull ball that sucks up some oil and do this straight up the five board in practice. Than move just inside of that line you've created for youself. Especially on new lanes this shot will only last for five or six frames, depending on how accurate your shot is. Once you get some carry down, you will have to move just inside that shot than you will have to move back right because you may see that your shot is not finishing like it was just five or six frames ago.

  2. $100 says that was Dee

  3. Is Dee leaving advice as anonymous now? it sure sounded like her.

  4. No, actually that was my advice. After speaking to someone I know, this was the advice I was given on how to try and navigate the new lanes. I was just lazy and hit anonymous.

  5. i am glad you all thought it was me... hahaha .. your too funny.

    but that is something I would say .

  6. lou this is Dee.. Maggie... Henry's sister is going to be subbing for me tonight..I am on DL until next week hopefully ... is it alright if she bowls.. her average is 185 but she does not have a book average.


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