Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Doubles begins - 24 Teams!!! Reinhardt gets 800 Ring

Reinhardt with 300 and 800 Award!!!

The night started off right with our good friend, Reinfart getting the honor he so richly deserved by being recognized by the USBC for his incredible 300/804 game and series during the Wednesday Night League. True, a 300 is great...but an 800!!! Not many of us can say we shot on a tough shot...incredible...congrats to KR.

The doubles league is full...yes we have 24 teams. Lots of new faces, a bunch of women, teams ranging from High Schoolers to least 4 225 average bowlers and a whole bunch of good bowlers. Should be an amazing summer, with a ton of dough up for grabs as Super Proprietor Kraig Kouros, did NOT RAISE the bowling fee...! thus leaving lots for the prize fund. Thanks Kraig.

Speaking of Kraig...I couldn't have been happier for him with the turnout Tuesday. He went out on a limb, paid a pile of cash for the new lanes so let's all talk up River Rand Bowl so that he can be full in the Winter also.

Dee's New Car gets 70 miles per gallon!!

When I walked into River Rand Bowl, I asked Dee if she got a new car (as I saw her vanity plate on a Scion) ...she said yes and she told me that it gets 70 miles per gallon. Now I told her that no car in the world gets 70 miles per gallon...but she argued that her meter on the car says he is getting 70 miles per gallon. did Fred Flintstone.

Mileage Calculation - Next time you fill up, zero out your trip meter...and then when you fill up again, see how many gallons your put in, divide that number into the amount of miles on the trip odometer and that will give you your exact mileage. If you get 70 miles per gallon, I will never bust your chops again.

Wazy missing this summer. Being the good father that he is, Wazy will not be bowling in the Doubles League...a true loss for all of his BBT buddies. But he will be shooting in the BBT afterwards....

The new lanes. Scores were definitely down Tuesday, the first league that shot on the new lanes. It takes time to get a feel for the condition, so let's all be patient.

Pots to begin next week. Hopefully, we can get some pots going next week. Anyone can start one. So go for it...

It should be a really fun summer...


  1. Hey Lou,

    Instead of being a jagoff why don't you tell everyone WHAT I really said.

    I believe you were running a deaf ear when I told you I was being sarcastic when you asked me.

    It is not my fault you believed me.

    You are such an ass.. you should clean the garbage out of your ear from all the traveling you have done. Maybe the dust from UTAH clogged them.

    Or you are getting old and you need a hearing aid. As a matter of fact I think you lost your hearing cause you were talking extremely loud yesterday.


    Just to clarify what Lou is talking about.. on my car there is a button to check to see how many miles per gallon (average) while you are driving.

    While I was in Wisconsin and set it on cruise control everytime I would go up and down the hills it would say 45....66...99.. so that is why I said 70 (I WAS REALLY BEING SARCASTIC)

    Tank holds 11.1 gallons. I have 1200 miles on my car as of this morning mostly all highway and I have filled up my tank 5 times since I bought it with 21 miles.

    When i filled it up and drove to Springfield which is 200 miles away i did not have to fill it up until I reached Kankakee coming back. So you can do the math that way.

    Have a great day !!!!!

  2. Yo your jets...I do have dust in my ears and I wish I had a hearing aid so that I can turn it off when you talk...

    What do you say about that...oh...I can't hear you!!!

  3. LMAO ... I want to see your pictures by the way .. the 1 of you in Utah is really nice... can't wait to see the rest.

    call me I need to ask you a question about something


  4. Hey, when did Dee and Lou get married...GEEZ!!!

  5. This is nickname is lamp.

  6. lamp ? where did you come up with that ?

  7. Anchorman...Steve Carrell

  8. I love lamp! That's funny! Is that really your nickname Kevin? I like that better than Reinfart! Does anybody remember the tennis match between Billie Jean King & Bobby Riggs? You know, the battle of the sexes match. Dee & Lou should have a bowling match sometime over the summer. What do you say? I think that would be a blast. "BATTLE OF THE SEXES." What a great way to get everyone to see the new lanes at River Rand Bowl. Craig could advertise and make a fortune!

  9. VEGAS!!! why.....just because.


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