Thursday, April 17, 2008

Power to Spare Wins Wild Card - LouDoo's eliminated

Reinfart Powers Power to Spare to Victory

It was really a great night (for the other team) at the ole' bowl last night as Power to Spare wins the wild card by 2 points over the LouDoo's.

Reinfart's back must be pretty tired tonight as he carried the entire team to victory on virtue of his monster 762 series.

We were both tied going into last night with Reinfart and boys shooting against streaky Waz n' Friends and the LouDoo's bowling against Columbia Furniture...(a decent team).

The LouDoo's lost game one and Power won so they had a lead...second game, we both won; so it goes down to the final game. If Waz's wins by 33 pins and the LouDoo's win the game...the Loudoo's win the Wild Card...and in a wild finish, it all came down to the 9th and 10th frame.

Lou V. hung in the ball and left a 4-6-7 on a 3 bagger in the 9th and got 8 all day. So going into the 10th we were really close. Columbia, shot well in the 10th and after Mark K did not double in the 10th...Wally had to have a disaster in the 10th...instead he pounded the hole for a finishing 5 bagger after Lou V. finished off the regular season with a pocket 4/9...

Congrats to Reinfart, Big Ern, Bill, Mike and Shawn. Shawn finally caught a break this year...

The 4 team playoff next week has Waz n' Friends, Kitchen Bath and More, Petersen Plastics and Power to Spare...what a great matchup it will be...

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