Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Monday Wrap-up - Lou and the Leisure Suits Clinches 3rd Third

55 and 8 Record Powers the Leisure Suits to Victory

With 2 weeks to go, the race for first place is over. Lou and the Leisure Suits had an unbelievable run winning 23-4 in the last 9 weeks to capture the third 3rd championship and now will probably shoot against Wazy's team in the first round of the playoffs.

After totally blowing for 5 3rds, over the last 2 years...we finally got our shat together and bowled up to our potential.

Guided by back to back 700's by resurgent former Star, Lou V., the Leisure Suits ran away with the 3rd. Even though there are still 2 weeks of regular season left.

Monday Lou V shot 243/243/244...that would have been an interesting Triplicate...but not wanting to lose out of any potential pots...Lou V did not try for the chop on the 3-6 in the 10th. Though it would have made for a good story...rather safe than broke.

Otherwise...2 stories of note. Curt D...who is the best 180 bowler I have ever seen, had the first 8 strikes in game two and then threw a gutter. Now is that the monkey spanker of the year...or did the ball stick on his thumb as he said...hmmmm?

On the other end, Jerry Calvacca, a 166 bowler for real, had the first 9 strikes and shot 279...for a 327 handicap game...wow...great going Jerry.

Here are is the pot wrap-ups.

Weekly Pot Winners


King of the Hill HDC

Pins Over Average

Lou V (back to back)




Curt D


Lou V


Matt J


Lou V


3rd Game Scratch

King of the Hill Scratch

Lou V


Frankie B


Frankie B



Instant Clean

Jerry Calvacca/Joel Nagle


Jim Saffold


Bruce Linker/Steve Palick


Linker/Clark Jones


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