Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Playoffs Begin Tonight

Can Lou and Leisure Suits pull of the Miracle?

Monday begins the 2 weeks finals in the Monday National Bowling league at River Rand Bowl. It should be a fun night as the following teams face off:

Lou and the Leisure Suits faces the Limp Five...let's just hope they didn't take their Viagra before bowling...since limp is better than hard when it comes to most things

The second semi-final has Yearlong points leader the 7up's led by Wazy and Jeff Matzaball. They are facing the super power of Bowlers ER. Every guy in the starting line-up is averaging northwards of a deuce. Let's just hope they spend time in the John dropping a deuce and not bowling as Lou and the Leisure Suits would rather face Wazy than the SuperPower...

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