Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lou and the Leisure Suits and Bowlers ER Advance to the Finals

Lots of drama, lots of laughs and some decent bowling as Lou and the Leisure Suits and Bowlers ER won their matches to move to the finals next Monday in the River Rand Bowl, Monday National League.

Lou and the Leisure Suits - Bowled against the Limp 5 who were not limp Monday as they gave the Leisure Suits all they could handle. Games one and 2 were very close with the Suits winning game 1 1216 to 1189. Dave Geuder shot 268 for the Suits and poor Lawrence Nagle left about 4 mixing 7 pins. Ouch. In game 2 Dave stayed hot, shooting 238 and powering the Leisure boys to a 1090-1070 win to clinch the ticket to the finals.

The Limp 5 were very good sports and good guys to boot. Congrats to them on an excellent season.

Bowlers ER - Like they say...beware of sleeping Lions (or something like that) as the mighty ER edged out the 7up's 2 games to 1 to advance to the finals against the Suits.

Game one was a blow out as ER couldn't get anything going, losing 1086 - 977. Game 2, they started to carry and had a ton of breaks and beat Wazy and company 1142-1087. Game 3 looked like a blow-out for the Bowlers ER...but Jeff Matza kept them close with a six bagger going into the 10th frame. Matza struck out for 264 or so and the soft drinks were still in contention. Unfortunately, a few missed spares doomed them in the 10th and ER coasted to a 1109-1090 victory. Tough loss for the seasons point leaders. My congrats go out to Bowlers ER and my condolences go out to my friends on the 7up's...tough loss.

Here my analysis for next week.

Frankie B versus Kenny G -

Frankie has a ton of talent...but please don't wear that pink shirt next week...and he can shoot numbers. If he is carrying...watch out if not...he is mortal. Leaves lots of 4 pins and half hit 10's so it depends on carry with Frankie.

Kenny G - Can shoot 129 or 229 any game...let's just hope he shoots 229 every game...as long as he makes his 1 pins spares and most importantly the 10 pins he leaves...we are in good shape.

Ryan Briscoe versus Bobby Freese -

Crossing 80 boards makes Ryan more vulnerable to lane conditions...and I think he has a tough time on fresh oil. When the lanes break down...he can be awesome. Throws a lot of bad shots so it remains to be seen what Ryan will bring next week.

Bobby, on the other hand, is the luckiest bowler I have ever seen...he gets more shit strikes than any bowler I have ever seen in my life, period...let's just hope he can get some of his patented shots next week to "razz" the ER boys.

Lou V versus Melvin

This is an interesting match up. Melvin is bowling well and can shoot some good numbers...he is very emotional on the lanes and has a move or two on the approach, but the 1973 Champ, has an arsenal of moves himself and some strike power left in the tank...so bring it on bi aht ch...remember, not only the mail-man delivers you know...

Dave G versus Maxi-Pad

This will be a great match up. Dave will be coming off a 701 series and if he keeps his cool, can be awesome. Maxi-Pad is probably best lefty in the house...and maybe he will have to go out of town next week for business...at least we hope so...

Mike Freese versus Will Clark

Proprietor of Bowlers ER Will has a ton of talent. And quite frankly, he does scare me as he can shoot a ton of strikes. He is also a good spare shooter...but bowling is bowling and you never know what is going to happen.

The one thing that I am positive of...if we need a strike...I am very happy we have Mike Freese as our anchor man. He may not be the highest average guy in town...but he is a great clutch bowler and will hit the pocket when needed...may not carry, but 99/100 times he hits the hole when needed.

Best of luck to Bowlers ER next week...I realize that they are a quiet team and we are not, so if may not be a super loud match...but Lou and the Leisure Suits are ready for a great night filled with lots of crotch chops \ /, high fives and good sportsmanship...

...may the best (or luckiest) team win...I am really looking forward to it.

Lou V.

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