Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bowlers ER Prevails - Wins Wild Card by 2 Points over the Taco

Wild Finish for Wild Card

Wow...what a night of emotion, swearing, cheering, strikes, opens and other stuff as Bowlers ER clinched the final playoff spot for next weeks semi-finals.

Third 3rd Champs Lou and the Leisure Suits shot against Bowlers ER in the Position round and Hole-mans/Lease's Double Play shot against the Pink Taco's. ER was 2 points up going into the nights action and needed to at least match the Taco's. Game one, Bowlers ER loses to Lou and the Leisure Suits and the Taco's beat Hole-man...they are tied after 1.

Game 2 - Very close on both ends...Will Clark needs a mark to win game 2, leaves a 6-7-10 and barely
misses it for the spare...took out the 10 and just missed the 6. The Taco's lost so it is tied going into the last game.

Game 3 - Bowlers ER and Lou and the Suits are close the entire match, but the firepower of the ER...proved too much for the liquored up Suits as they pulled away after the first 3 guys on the Suits opened in the 10th...(we blow) and the very skilled ER boys...pounded the piss out of the hole. So now it is time to wait for the Double Play/Pink Taco match. And man is it close.

Taco's are leading going into the 10th by 10 pins but it ultimately comes down to the last 2 bowlers. Hole-man, who was determined to win, is on a strike in the 9th, gets up first in the 10th and t
hen threw three bombs in the 10th...not his usual spinner, but three bombs (just kidding Chris)...boom, boom, boom ... blow the rack, high flush and higher flush...It was over.

That was really a great match. Next week, it is Lou and the Leisure Suits versus the Limp 5 and Wazy's 7up's versus Bowlers ER. The winners of those matches move on the finals the following week where they bowl for final standings and championship...should be a blast.

Pot Wrap-up

Gimenna Sweeps doubles as Lou V has no help from his partners

Even though he shot the best game in the 2nd game, Lou V could only muster first place in the doubles pot on Monday as all of his partners shot NOTHING...allowing Gimenna to not only win with Lou, but sweep doubles. Gimenna has had lots of success in doubles this year as has Lou V.

Otherwise, the post were pretty spread out, with Tommy R back with his instant clean win, Mark Orlow wins King Scratch with 209...yes 209...wow...Mr. Smooth, George Revs Jr. shot 267 to win 3rd game scratch and Gary Greigler won King hdc over maxi-pad 240-237.

Here are the scores:

Weekly Pot Winners


King of the Hill HDC

Pins Over Average

Gary Grigler


Mark Orlow


Maxie Pad


Lou V




Travis Harper


King of the Hill Scratch

3rd Game Scratch

Mark Orlow


George Revs Jr



Instant Clean

Lou V/Gimenna


Tommy R




30 Clean

Gimenna/Stan Kurowski



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