Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Best finals ever?

Wednesday Championship Night is here
Strongest field ever!!

Mike R emailed me to ask who did I think would win on Wednesday and I replied with a big ?

It is like picking the best of the best as this years finals is the strongest I can think of in years.

Waz n' Friends has three great bowlers, one bowler a bit past his prime and an unknown entity with PJ. So they could go either way. If the "stars" bowl like they should and Dennis doesn't complain about every half hit 10 pin he leaves and if PJ ever stops dropping the ball...they could easily win it all.

The Goldsteins - Solid, Solid, Solid...don't know if they can be beat. If the lefty shot is there, Dan and Mike will prevail...big Mike and Kevin Petersen are very solid and Stu is the wild card...

Reinfarts team - If their lefties are on ... forget it. Bill Swit will shoot a deuce every game, and Reinfart can explode every game and probably will amp it if Kasten shoots like he can and Shawn out.

Kitchen, Bath and More - Can a bowler be any hotter than Woodie? And Terry C is no slouch either. The question is who will be shooting in the other spots. Cullen or Selke? Hal Johnson, though way past prime still has game left and Denny P, as busted up as he is, has the years of talent and experience to dig deep one more time.

My prediction - Kitchen 1, Reinfart 2, Goldsteins 3, Waz N' 4

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  1. How about we flip those predictions? It's on tonight!!!


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