Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bed Bath and More Clinch 3rd Third - Wild Finish ahead for Wild Card

Lou V - Inspirational Leader of the LouDoo's

The playoffs are shaping up to be an amazing night as Kitchen Bath and More, led by I've got a Woodie, won the 3rd third Wednesday Night. Woodie, who is just shooting the lights out, shot 754 to ensure their victory. The other guys shot well it wasn't just Woodie, but 754...not bad. Hats off to the Woodster.

Wild Card Race - 32 weeks have gone by and nothing has been decided yet. As far as the Wild Card, that is...with the LouDoo's, lead by the 1973 Champ and Power to Spare led by Arch Rival Reinfart, tied going into week 33; next Wednesday should be a blast.

Now we don't play against each other...with the LouDoo's opposing Columbia Furniture and Power to Spare shooting against Waz n' Friends...but let's hope that Waz n' Friends are truly friends of the LouDoo's by pounding the Piss out of Switalski, Kasten, Reinfart, Big Ern and Shawn. Both teams have 130 points.

Playoff Bound -

Waz' n Friends
Petersen Plastics
Kitchen Baths and More

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