Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BBT Tournament of Champions Tonight

13 Champions to vie for the Title

It has been a great year for the BBT. We developed into a real tour with great competition and more importantly, made great friends in the process.

Tonight, 13 champions will vie for the Tournament of Champions title and the bragging rights and renumeration that goes with it.

Here are the details:
  • Start time: 8:15pm
  • Entry Fee: $30.00
  • Format: 4 games of qualifying, cut field in half, 3 random match games, 5 advance to stepladder finals.
  1. Rob D. - Won 5 titles this year and surprised me a lot with his success. Can throw lots of strikes and a decent match game bowler.
  2. Wazy - Can be very strong, at times, depending on how his feet and legs feel. Very cool on the lanes, nothing flusters him, can throw the numbers. If he carries, watch out.
  3. Mike R. - Very hot lately. Can throw it "real good" at times. If he gets off to a fast start, watch out...un-stoppable, but can be beat if you get out of the gate fast on him.
  4. Cesar - ??? Which Chalupa shows up...the dominator or the world's biggest pinto bean?
  5. PJ - The lowest average bowler on the BBT. May not have the skills yet, but is very, very competitive. Has done very well, though only won once. If he stops missing the easy spares, his handicap evens the field out and he can be a force to reckon with.
  6. Kevin - How he only won one tournament is a miracle. Coming off a super clutch performance last week, look for him to get the final redemption. My pick to click.
  7. Lou V. - Won 3 times this year, but missed the cut often also. If he keeps his head out of his ass, can win.
  8. Brian F - The big douche can shoot some big numbers...but is very on/off. Can win but throws lots of big splits also
  9. Den-Pin - Oh...Dennis, where do we begin? Has the skill, but has to keep the emotions in check. Realize that at 5x years old, you are not going to throw the ball like Mike. Hit the hole, hope you carry and make your spares. If you do, you can win.
  10. Rob F - Has done decent all year. Has a title, 2 seconds and has made 10 cuts. Keeps his cool and he will compete.
  11. Frankie - This kid is good, period. If he out.
  12. Tommy S - Has got the game, but has no brain. If he leaves his brain at the door, he can win.
  13. Sip - I really like this kids game. Great mental game, throws the ball great and who knows what he has been doing while at school, bowling wise. He definitely can win.
Best of luck to all BBT Champsions tonight. It is going to be lots of fun.

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