Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BBT Spring Major Concludes Tonight!!

8 Remain in the quest for the BBT Spring Major

Finalists Rob, Wazy, Hole-man, PJ and Master Mathematician Reinfart
checking out the qualifying scores
(Cesar, Mike R. and Tommy not pictured)

The spring BBT Major concludes Wednesday night with Rob, Wazy, Hole-man, PJ, Reinfart, Cesar, Mike R and Tommy S in the finals.

It is a mostly star studded field with 5 time winner Rob, 4 time champ Wazy and resurgent Reinfart and relative new comer Hole-man vying for the title. Depending which Cesar shows up, he can be a major force, as can Tommy S who has a ton of talent. Mike R, if he gets off to a hot start is almost unbeatable and let's not forget PJ..has a ton of handicap, 2 tons of motivation and got his ball he could also be a factor.

Should be very fun tonight. Good luck to all of the finalists and for those of us who didn't make it...we will be cheering on and betting on our favorites.

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