Sunday, April 6, 2008

BBT 2007/2008 Spring Major Begins April 9th, 2008

2 Week Spring Major Begins 4/9/08
Must have bowled a minimum of 7 weeks to be eligible to compete

The years final BBT major will be held over 2 weeks beginning April 9, 2008. Only BBT Members, who have bowled in at least 7 tournaments will be eligible to bowl in the tournament.

The BBT Tournament of Champions will be held on April 30th for all who have qualified.

Here are the details:

BBT Spring Major April 9th, 2008

It will be a two week event, which means the conclusion will be April 16th. We will not have a BBT event on April 23rd due to Championship night, money distribution and end-of-year meeting all pushing time way back.

Assuming 12 bowlers (that's our approx. average)

Qualifying on April 9th – Will be 3 games across 3 pair of lanes. We will then cut to top 6 (9th and 10th frame roll-off (with 20% handicap) (if needed)

April 16th - Quarterfinals:

Pins will reset to zero and we will shoot 3 random match play games with 10 bonus pins for winning your match. Cut to 4.


You will Carry-over your pins and bowl 1 position round match play game with 10 bonus pins for winning. Cut to top 3

Finals: Step-ladder finals for top 3. Top 4 bowlers will earn re-numeration.


  1. Just one part I'd add something to:
    '3 random match play games'
    Picked as you cannot bowl the same bowler more than once.

  2. Why did you change the format from bowlers with 5 weeks to bowlers with 7 weeks bowled? Thats gay

  3. It was 7 for the Spring Major. It is still 5 tournaments with a title for the tournament of Champions.


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