Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rob D shoots 298!!

Wearing his favorite bowling shit and bowling on 23 and 24, Rob D had the first 11 yesterday...but they were all quiet for some reason until the 10th frame. Egged on by their new Mascot, Dee, Rob pounded strike after strike, after strike.

I went down to watch the 11th ball, after I heard a small amount of commotion and saw Rob pound the 11th...high flush, party in the pit, Up the Arse.

He steps up in the 12th...takes a bunch of time, the crowd is hushed...the second he threw the ball you knew...he really spanked his monkey...pulled the pee out of it and barely hit the headpin on the right site...(he is a lefty) 8 though...good enough for an USBC award.

Nice bowling for 11 will get there soon.


  1. congrats rob....great shooting... guess i have to come and watch every week

  2. Rob, awesome game bud. Sorry I wasn't there to see it. If at first you don't succeed.............take up a new sport.


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