Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday Madness - The weekly wrap-up

Lou and the Leisure Suits Beats Double Play
- 11 point lead with 2 weeks of regulation to go-

It was fun and even respectful as the Leisure Suits edged out Hole-man and the rest of the Double Play boys Monday 5 points to 2 to open up a huge 11 point lead with 2 weeks to go before the final position round.

After sucking for the last 2 years...Lou and the Leisure Suits have finally jelled into the team that I always thought we would be and have lost only 4 games in 9 weeks...WOW!!

Not wanting to inflame the opponents too much...everyone was somewhat reserved...until Mike Freese told Lou V to get a broom after game 2...he placed it on the table and unfortunately...it worked in reverse as Hole-Man and crew got a bit irritated and showed up the last game beating us by 20 pins.

Hey if they can't take a joke, f'em...seriously, you guys were very gracious in defeat.

Pot Updates

Yes a miracle has occured...Craig Kouros, the most excellent proprietor of RRB, Swept doubles!!

We all know that Craig blows at bowling, even though he grew up in a bowling center...but as they say...even a blind Squirrel finds a nut...and last night he found a whole bunch of nuts as he swept doubles.

Lou V. won 2 out of 3 pins over average pots and King Handicap while Frankie B won Scratch King, Will 3rd game scratch and Max instant clean with 20.

All else was quite quiet...which was good...since the week before we had enough b.s to last 2 weeks.

Weekly Pot Winners


King of the Hill HDC

Pins Over Average

Lou V


Lou V


Frankie B


Craig K


Max Headroom


Lou V


Bruce Linker


3rd Game Scratch

King of the Hill Scratch

Frankie B




Max Headroom



Instant Clean

Craig Kouros/Bill Kabat


Max Headroom


Craig Kouros/J Matza Ball


Craig Kouros/Gimenna


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