Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monday Madness and Wrap-up

Mike Lease - Super Secretary is responsible for this cast of characters

Another Monday bites the dust and as usual...lots of laughs...there really are a bunch of retards that bowl on Monday. But I mean that in a good way.

The Flying Saucers, a new team from week 5 on or so are hysterical. They absolutely blow but they are the nicest guys and make this groan/grunting/yelling noise every time someone gets a strike. Now it isn't often but you could hear them on 25/26...(it is a 24 lane house). It is a riot.

The Coppers are nice guys also...Jellen and company...I thought all cops were jag offs...but these guys are great. And the Boomers...led by Chris Matza....they yell 'BOOMER' every time they strike...and Hal Pollack has this booming voice so you can hear them on 27/28.

What about Sit and Spin is back...they change their team name more often than Jeff Matza changes his underwear...what a cast of characters...led by our most favorite proprietor. That team alone keeps River Rand Bowl in business with its' multiple purchases of Coors Light. Genitals, Reamer, Back, Craig...what a cast of characters...

Double Play - Is a diverse team...you've got Super Secretary Mike Lease, The Kurz's, Nick the big douche and his father, George the mailman, Whitey and HOLE-MAN!!! I don't know if I could dream up a team of such different characters...period...

Now for the loud teams...Bowlers ER and Bojan Insurance...take Melvin off of Bowlers ER and you wouldn't know they were in the building...Will just bowls, Frankie, Ryan and Max never say one word and Melvin does talk, but his clothes are louder than him...

Bojan Insurance...once again, take away Saffold and you probably have to wake them up when it is there turn to bowl...but actually, if you bowl next to them, you can take a nap yourself waiting for Bill Switalski to bowl...have you every seen anyone slower on the approach than him? What is he thinking about on the approach? Pick up ball...throw ball...you have done it a million times.

Finally the Pink Tacos - Now I probably wouldn't have named my team after a hair pie...but that is their business...they could have been the Twats or the Quims or worse, so I guess the Pink Taco's is ok...but what a bunch they have got...really don't know the Italians on the team or Mike M...but the other 2 - the Taylors...@$@#$!@#...I bet Joe was pretty cool in his day...30 years ago...and Mat...let me ask you a question...what happened to the other T in your name...What kind of name is Mat? Were you named after, a floor mat? I wonder if you have a brother named Lary or Jery or Hary? Just wondering...

Which brings me to next week.

Lou and the Leisure Suits with their 38-4 record are bowling against the P T's and we are looking forward to a fun match. No, I am not going to talk trash...or anything like that, and I am going to offer Joe his $20.00 back so that we can have a friendly match...as he is just back from an absence and based up 4 gutters last night...might not be in top form yet...but we are looking forward to a fun time next week...

Here are the pot winners for this week:

Weekly Pot Winners


King of the Hill HDC

Pins Over Average

Rick LoCocco


Bill Schulz


Mike McMillen


Mark England


Curt b


Clark Jones


Ken Geuder (the 70's rock)


King of the Hill Scratch

3rd Game Scratch

Hole-man (back to back)




Wilburt Clark





Instant Clean

Joe T and Curt B


Bob Jellen


Mike M and Curt B


Tom Remer/Mark England



  1. Lou,

    Who do you have on your team that your 38-4. Do you bowl the blind every week?

  2. You guys must be good!

  3. To All Bowlers,

    [RE:Running a pot.]

    Would you let a bowler who always gets in the pot himself, put in another bowler who never gets in?

  4. I will have to expect a follow up for Wed night's teams of course...

  5. delmonico email me snuggle96@aol.com


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. To Delmonico...yes...that is allowed. You don't even have to tell the other guy that you put him in.

    Some guys do it all the time.

  8. Lou no comments about your team? We all know about you but come on. we found out Dave G teaches his daughter swear words and the X chop to the groin in his spare time. And Ken G is Capt. Kangaroos twin brother. He looks just like him. Bob and Mike Frese are quiet and maybe they are just hiding the fact they are just like the Matza bros even though they are not twins. Yeah you guys are doing great this third but even with your great record your team isn't even close to having enough pts for the wild card. Leaves me to believe that MAYBE you guys were ???????? I won't say it but I know other teams have accused Dave of it. Good luck the rest of the way. One of those real quiet teams may sneak up on you. Go Bowlers ER so Lou will shut up.

  9. Hole-man...Dave is not a bagger...he is a psycho...plain and simple...he throws pins away when he gets mad. I told him last week that he has to stop doing that, since he is hurting the team.

    Otherwise...so far we are having a dream 3rd. We have a very decent team, and have had no luck for the last 2 years...this 3rd, everything is falling into place. We are winning some easy ones and shooting great when we have to.

    Somebody might catch us, as the Bowlers ER is a GREAT TEAM but we are 7 points ahead of them and I like our chances. "\ /".

  10. delmonico, we had that same thing happen on Fridays. Technically since pots are "frowned upon" we cannot do anything about it.

    Say I put you in and you did not know about it you can bitch about it if you want. Your score would not count. I had a problem with that when people would put me in and i would not know and we would win and they kept all the money..

    That stopped really quickly. Last year, I shot 300 and won doubles with 2 people. 1 of the girls put me in and she thought that if she put me in (even though i said I had no money and if you WANT to put me in go ahead) and we won she was going to keep my money. It can get ugly very fast.

    Now I don't know the circumstances as to extent of this guy putting him in. Does he know, does he not know?

    What happens when they win ?

    But as far as if someone wants to play doubles with someone who does not play.. that really is on the person who "does not get in" what he wants to do.

    hope that helps.

  11. but there is no right or wrong way to answer that... you can put someone in if you want. (its your discretion)

  12. Daniela,

    Thanks for the insight. I'll email you for other comments. Thanks again.

  13. Lou,

    Nice sign for the "CHOP". Did you just make that up?

  14. Lou,

    Seriously, isn't that like a low grade form of identity theft? You don't think the guy should at least tell the other guy. E.G.; River Rand strike pot is worth $20,000 one night and you put in Kevin, because you look at the sheet and see he didn't get in. Don't you think you should have to be the one who actually shoots the score? Just curious! If you want to email me instead, I'll understand.

  15. Sorry, but I have to comment on the "unwritten" pot rules. When it comes to individual pots, if someone chooses to not play an INDIVIDUAL pot for whatever reason, that is up to them. You should not unknowingly put them in and if they win the pot, expect to keep the money. If you want to put somebody in an individual pot, you should talk it over with that person and discuss the situation first. When it comes to doubles, my opinion is that if a person says no to you because they have no money, you can put them in, but expect to split the pot. If the person says no for personal reasons, for example they think you suck, you have every right to put them in and if you win, you can demand the whole pot. Just remember, that person can be a dick and keep their half if it is given to them. The main thing is to never do it on the down low...always talk it over first.

    Also keep in mind, it is the responsibility of the person running the pots to payoff the person who WON the pot, not the person who PAID for the entry. If someone puts you in doubles w/out telling you and you win and the person running the pot pays all the money to the other person and they won't give you a cut, you have a legitimate gripe with the guy running the pot. Good luck trying to fight that however...USBC turns it's head when it comes to pots.

    OK, sorry for the novel. OH YEAH!!!

  16. Mike,
    Simply put, Mike and I regularly put PJ into certain pots.
    We let him know sometime during the night and we split all winnings fairly. If some one would try to collect on a pot they put me in and not give me any. The fact that my name and my scores are on the sheet. Yes it is considered theft. The fact that pots are technically against the law, ones who run the pots should be very careful what they do. Having something like that get out of hand can badly hurt any league. Most people who put someone in a pot are friends anyway.

  17. Mike, when someone give me money for another bowler...I ask them should I pay you or them if they win.

    My concern is getting the pot as big as possible for pot and tip reasons. Who I pay is the guy who gives me the money. That is MY policy...but as you see here...lots of different opinions.

    "\ /"

  18. I also think that if someone puts you into a pot UNKNOWINGLY, and that person wins. The pot collector has to pay the person being won otherwise that is considered cheating. I used to have that happen to me when I first joined the Sunday Morning mens league at Hoffman. They would put me in WITHOUT me knowing and they would pocket the money. I found out about it and denied them my scores. That is absolutely considered cheating. The person who wins is the person who should get the money regardless of who puts who in. That is NOT a pot collectors responsiblitly.

  19. Thank you all for the great feedback on the pots. I believe that I can glean something from everyone.

  20. Lou,

    I heard a rumor that a LouDoo Bobblehead doll deal is in the works. Is this true?

    "\ /"

  21. Lou,

    For tip reasons would be great, except for the fact that these guys show up with exactly 40 bucks in there pockets. $20 for the bowling fee and the other $20 for the (2) pots that I run. The only tip there thinking of is there own!

  22. Unfortunately, Fred Flintstones boss is the League President. You all know him! Who is he?

  23. Clue: Hey,are you in the high game pot tonight?

  24. Clue: He's tighter than ten toes in a sock.

  25. Final Clue: He Shoots 700+ and says; " If I didn't leave so many 7 pins tonight, I would have shot over 800."

  26. CLUE: loves to smell my hair...


  27. Clue 2 - Is he bald? And weird?

  28. Let's set everything straight. First, I don't like to smell Dee's hair, that's a joke on the bald guy. I like to look at her chest, got it, chest not hair. I can't believe I have to defend my perverted rights like this. Love ya Dee. The Lou bobble head has been removed from the shelves in most countries and the new Lou Chia-bobble Head should be in stores by Christmas 2008.

  29. Lou,
    To your comment on Bill S. taking soo much time. Yes,there is someone who takes longer. Kevin Kurz.Another big difference is that Bill throws way less shots per game. Shot clock please!

  30. I am surprised there hasn't been another post on this but there is no PBA tournament this week. Please be advised that you don't need to update your fantasy roster and Lou, there is no need for a computerized analysis, whatever the hell that is. The PBA will resume next week in West Babylon, NY for the Geico Classic. This public service announcement has been brought to you by Lousbowlingblog and its sponsors.

  31. Rob, mind your own business you skin headed douche bag...you are not even in the PBA Fantasy league...you sound just like Fritz...

    And an Bean Counter like you should know about statistical analysis...unless you think I am saying "Testicular Anal al a sys..."

  32. At least I don't read the blog in the nude like you do...BTW, nice man perm you got you homo...

  33. Am I detecting a little sexual tension between Lou and Rob?

  34. Wazy,

    I would've never suspected you as a chest hair guy!

  35. Just kidding Waz!

  36. Lou,

    Let me put it this way, he should have his own annoy-o-meter, just like his teammate does.

  37. Lou,

    Did you ever hear the story about the $40 bag of pennies?

  38. Lou,

    I as well would like to read your most vivid description of the Wednesday League teams.

  39. Chia Pet?....Man Perm? Did you get a new LouDoo? Post a pic!

  40. Thanks Daniela!

  41. PJ,

    The name, "I Park In A Handicap Spot", does that have anything to do with your bowling?

  42. Lou,

    I've been wondering what your infatuation is with women's hygiene products?

  43. Did you ever hear the story about the $40 bag of pennies?


    you mean the coach ? who brought Will $40.00 in pennies?


  44. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Do you know who took them home with him?


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