Monday, March 10, 2008

Anonymous Comments - Good or Bad??

Commentary from lousbowlingblog

I realize that part of the entertainment value of the blog is the interaction part. And quite frankly besides Wazy and myself; very few people, until recently ever used the comments section.

Now we are getting lots and lots of comments and I think it is a riot. But some people find some of the anonymous postings to be not cool...but I am not certain. It provides for some lively dialog to bust on someone...(as long as it is not too brutal).

I don't want to stifle the discourse and opinions so please feel free to give me your suggestions on how to handle this situation.

  1. I can make each user register in order to post a comment
  2. Leave it as is
  3. I can personally edit and approve or disapprove comments.

I think in America we have free I am leaning toward doing nothing and I think we can swear and bust each others chops...but we should use "you fuc*ing suck" as opposed to spelling out the swear words...if you know what I mean.

Let me know and I will take all options under consideration.


  1. First off let me the first to respond to this...

    if anybody takes ANY of these comments seriously than you should not read any of this blog.

    If you do personally take this seriously you obviously think that of yourself. So shut the x!X!!!** up and deal with it or don't read this.

    As far as anonymous goes.. who the f****ck cares. GROW THE f***ck up.. i could care less who says what anonymously or with their name.. all it means is that they are too scared to say shit to anybody's faces..

    Lou you don't have to do anything.
    Your doing just fine

    that's all

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Dee...the Italian is coming have lots of verbal passion. Thanks for your comment...

    Let's see what the others have to say.

  4. see what a little vino rosso and a little spaghetti with a meatball does to me ? lol i wrote that when i was having dinner. i cooked it myself.. anybody want a good recipe to impress your wives i have the perfect recipe. (simple) i guarrantee it will get you laid.. lol ask cesar


  5. If you removed a comment Lou, it had to be pretty bad.

  6. Wazy will be bringing some vino rosso on Wednesday.

  7. NO lou did not remove a comment.. i deleted my comment... was a duplicate

  8. Personally, if you are going to make a comment, good or bad, you SHOULD put your name on it. I realize not everybody feels the same as me, but if I have an opinion about something, I want whoever's reading it to know who it came from.

    Bottom line, Lou, this website is for the people, but in the end, it's your website and it's your job to make it FUN FOR EVERYBODY. I say that if somebody leaves an anonymous post trying to "bait" someone, you should delete it.

  9. I don't care anymore. I realize nobody ever says anything nice about me and thats ok. You all don't understand me. I'm a nice guy most of the time especially outside of bowling. And when you all think I'm being an asshole if you notice its at myself because I expect better of myself. I can dish out crap but I only do it to people who do it to me or provoke me. Other than that I am gracious in defeat. I welcome anyone to get to know me outside of bowling. You would be suprised. I realized my shortcomings in bowling and have improved on them big time in the last few years. But I do respect anybody who can tell me how they really feel to my face and then when they do they will get a challenge right back and they better not back down. In closing I wish we could all just get along. We do this for fun and competition and we have all lost sight of that and that's why the best leagues around are falling apart. We all love the same sport and we have handicap to make it an even playing field so why are we making it so difficult? Get rid of anonymous!

  10.'t get so hard on yourself. Nobody says anything nice about you because most of them have only seen one side of you so far.

    As we get to know you better and realize that you are not really a total douche, things will change. When a perception is set in ones takes some time and actions to change that.

    Hang in there, show some compassion to your friends on the lanes and you will see nice things written about you. Cause you really can't be this bad...(just kidding)!!!

    Lou V.

  11. ok where do i start... Chris......stop whining.. in your mind you think the words that are coming out of your mouth are ok.. and most of the time it is.. but sometimes you need to stop and think about HOW you are saying it. Sometimes things should not be said. i am not bashing you IN ANY WAY... but by you leaving that last comment sounds a little like "feel sorry for me" because people are talking shit about me. Like I said before.. if you can't handle people talking shit than ignore it, stop reading or just deal with it. Stop always acting like your a victim in situations and man the up.

    I did and I feel great about it.

    I also learned that people don't like to be called sandbaggers.. if you don't like the way things are don't bowl.. sometimes you just can't change the way things are. You probably say it to be a joke but it is taken another way.

    If anybody doesn't know how Chris is.. you should really get to know Chris.. he is a very nice guy. He is caring and probably will give you the shirt off his back if needs be and he is very caring.

    Your right some people don't get how you are. When I first met you I thought you were an asshole... now I can't get rid of you.. you kind of grew on me.

    but when you get out of pocket.. i will let you know !!!!.

    love you whole-man

    just a little piece of my mind !!!

  12. Chris,

    Your so intense that some people are not prepared for that. Try to have a little more fun when the opportunity presents itself. For instance, at the Humdinger, when I reported my 166, you looked at me like I was nuts. I wish I'd had a camera. Where the f'ck is Lou when you need him? Chin up or as Daniela so eloquently put it, Man the f'ck up!

  13. Chris,

    Consider this, at least you don't have an official annoy-o-meter.

  14. When PJ makes fun of Rob, it's funny. When Tittie makes fun of Lou, it's funny. When I say things to Dee, it's funny. It's funny because we all know who they are and in what context things are meant. The comments back to everyone gets even funnier. It's funny because we know who we are. We can't defend ourselves against someone who we don't know. Let's say we challenge the anonymous idiots to come to Rand to bowl or just to man up. They know who we are from the blog,we go into it blind. That is where it is no longer funny. This is supposed to be fun and it has taken a turn for the worse. Kool-aid , you nailed it on the head and I believe the only 2 who would dis-agree with you are Dee and Lou(aka)anonymous. If nothing is done to stop anonymous shit, I know myself and at least 4-5 other regular posters will stop commenting on the blog. We'll do it by e-mail,the way we used to. Now to be completely gay> The show Cheers was great to watch. WHY? It was a bar you wanted to be at. WHY? The BBT is successful. WHY? The guys from bowling hang out to watch and talk after. WHY? Because everybody knows your name. Plain and simple.

  15. Wazy, well said. There's a lot of weirdo's in the world and yes, I would not be challenging someone you don't know to "man up or show up or show your face", you may not like what indeed shows up.

    After no interaction for months...the comments have now exploded with comments...a great thing...and we are all learning how to do this and manage this.

    So let's learn from this experience, refine the process and continue the interchange. And if you have to use anonymous try to be somewhat civil otherwise we will have to go to plan "B" "\ /"

  16. Dee,
    I wasn't whining. I think the best thing for me to do is come to bowling and just bowl.

  17. Chris,

    The worst thing you can do is let someone else's opinion change who you are. Not everyone is going to like you. So just be yourself. Don't just come and bowl and leave. That's no fun!

  18. Waz,

    It would be a shame if you let someone chase you away from the blog. They win if you do. I agree with Kool -Aid too, but Lou has to decide what is more important. The voice of the people he has grown to love and make fun of or anonymouse! People like anonymouse come and go, but the institution that you guys are building is something special that only you can truly appreciate.

  19. Lou, I see you want to grow your pots so they can tip you more.

    Can I ask you something? .. do you take your 10% out of the pot ? if so why should the bowlers tip you on top of that..

    Besides, anybody who runs a pot should not do it to make money they should be doing it to help the league have some fun.

    Our league on Friday NOBODY takes 10% out of the pots and we are able to pay $1000.00 a GAME FOR DOUBLES. 1st place only. (I ONLY KNOW 2 LEAGUES THAT DO THIS)

    Don't get me wrong people tip and then they don't tip. It is up to the discretion of the bowlers. But don't get pissed off because that person who wins doesn't tip you. THEY DON'T HAVE TO. A TIP IS ONLY A TIP.

    I used to sweep doubles and sidepots almost every week. And would break even for the night because everyone was expecting a tip. BAR tip, Round of drinks (when i don't drink)TEAM tip (which is just plain stupid, its not like they help me win throw my

    $1.00 to get in ALL 3 games (not a $1.00 a game)

    The pot is for the BOWLERS to make money NOT for a pot collector to make money.

  20. Dee...who would have thought a simple question my Mike D would create so much opinion.

    I don't take a penny out of my pot on Wednesday...but get in for free. I have a sheet that everyone can see who is in and not secrets here. I use the utmost in honesty and fairness. I run up and down the lanes to get the scores and a gratuity is appreciated for the service rendered.

    I don't need the extra $10.00, but the good guys do give you 10%. I tip 10% MINIMUM to any pot that I win and If I like the tip guy, more.

    Lots of opinions here...very interesting.

    But look at the Estrogen do an staggering amount of work for nothing...that is very admirable.

  21. I just believe that bowling should be ABOUT the bowlers and not for your personal gain (running the pots that is)

    look at most of the tournaments you go to now days.. DIPPING into the prize fund so they can pay for their brand new lincoln sitting in their driveways.

    Not cool.

    i am not going to post on the blog but ask me tonight about some tournaments that .. i will be more than happy to tell you about it and even show you for that matter.

    i do have a question though about running the leagues.. why do the officers have to get paid for running the league ? .. i think the only person who should get paid is the secretary/treasurer. They are the ones that actually do the most work.

    If you actually think about it, and cut out all the extra money. Look how much the prize fund would actually be.

    Now check this out for a thought of prize fund.

    How about everyone get back $500.00no matter what place you are in and according to the final league standing sheeet you get an ADDITIONAL amount for what your team places.

    As for League Awards... hahaha. see now that is funny. trophys(plastic might i add) should be eliminated all together.. look how much that is costing extra.

  22. First off, Chris ia a great guy. I think people take his confidense in himself the wrong way. If you don't know the guy it comes off as being cocky not confident. I really believe the BBT has takin a bunch of bowlers and is transforming them into friends. The more we hang out during and after the only thing that could come out of this thing is positives. Shooting the shit with guys and yes, chesty herself, I believe is making the BBT bowlers a nice little goup I can call friends. I will try to get at least 1 chest comment a week in, or until Cesar gets pissed off. I like Lou get in my pot for free, let's face it, people will not turn in a score , you have to hunt them down. I agree pots are to help the league stay strong, but tips also help keep the pots running. Why do all the work and get anything for your effort? I love you all, even Fritz.

  23. I also forgot to mention that in our league .. the 2 people who win the 3rd game doubles.. collects the following week... do you think that is fair they win the 3rd game so they made their money about $500.00 a person and come in the next week and take their 10% off the top $300.00 just for collecting money? .. now let's face this ... like i said they collect more than 3000 a week in doubles (1000 + a game / 2 peope.)

    yeah.. something does not sound right about that.. lol

  24. For those of us who have bowled in Benny's tournaments. That guy takes probably 25% off the top and then has the balls to put tip jars in his pot room. Talk about a scam!
    I think if you are running a pot and you put yourself in for free you should tell everybody and then not expect a tip. If you get a tip its a bonus. I also think if you want to put somebody in that does not get in pots you should ask them if its ok to put them in and then make an arrangement of probably a 50-50 split if they win. If you don't ask them then they should get the money. If you ask them and they flat out refuse to go along with you then you should win the money if you put them in. So honesty is the best policy. Let them know your putting them in.

  25. P.s. Thanks for any comments about me here. I will take them ALL to heart.

  26. Well, I think if you win a pot and you know FOR SURE that the person is not taking 10%, you should tip. The person running the pots is taking time away from their bowling to help make the league a little more interesting...they should be rewarded. In my opinion, taking 10% is kinda stupid. If the pot is $1000, how can you justify taking $100? If you don't tip, your a cheap S.O.B.!

  27. Ok another gay blog entry... Lou gay boy vasseli, if peole do not want to tip you then they will not tip you... if you are running thepots to make a proffit then you should not be running pots... you already get in for FREE and even then expect a tip... WTF? the only "tip" you should be getting is at the end of my SHAFT... tips in bowling are optional... it is like going to a restaurant a receiving horrible service and the server expecting a tip... here's a tip... "Don't eat yellow snow"... Now as for you Chris, quit your bitching... stop walking around the bowling alley like the world owes you some sympathy... we know you are going thru rough times but that is what life is all about... either deal with it or eat shit... Waz, if this blog hurts you girly feeling then do not read it... for you to say "If nothing is done to stop anonymous shit, I know myself and at least 4-5 other regular posters will stop commenting on the blog" brings to question if your nuts are intact or if the wife has them hanging up on a plaque in your livingroom... you are a grown ass man act your age not your shoe size... everyone here is wondering who "Anonymous" is instead why not look at yourself and ask "Is Anonymous right? do I really suck? maybe I should practice? maybe I should never bowl again? (Matt K, Joe O, Craig S aka Wierdo, the Matza Balls, Kenny G, Mike C, Denny, Fritz and Nick K.)... Another thing... bowling the the only sport where if you want to "Improve" all you have to do is purchase a new ball... why not do a thing called "PRACTICE" maybe then you can walk around proud of your accomplishments instead of fake talent and fake accomplishment... how does Joe "1 rev" Oberzut have ANY honor scores? and his BOYFRIEND Matt "Man Lover" Koljac, how does this twat walk around with his head high, when he knows deep down inside that he s*ucks at bowling. Those two should never pick up a bowling ball again unless they are being someone's "ball B!tch"... Craig "every excuse in the book" Slater should just hang up the shoes... and his loser son is headed in the same direction... Jason sucks at bowling... no matter how many bowling balls Jason buy it will not help nor overshadow the fact that he throws the ball like a complete turd... maybe some of you should take up a different sport, like dodge traffic on the kennedy or maybe bungee jumping without a bungee cord... more to come...

  28. "ANONYMOUSE" you have much angst to deal with. If your mad at your mommy, don't take it out on everybody else. Maybe you're mad at the world because you have a small p_nis!

  29. Well, it took a bit but I am sure that the Anonodouche is everyone who has read his orations...just consider the source...

  30. ok well today I bowled league "HANDICAP" you tell me if this is gay or what..

    someone shot 299 with 63 pins of handicap.

    another one shot 306 with 50 pins of cap.

    There has to be a stop to this madness !!!!

    and then they wonder why I don't play pots this year.


  32. Dee, 362 is he highest game I have ever hear of...ever.

  33. At 90% of 210, that means this person has a 140 average. I have never seen or heard of a person with that low of an average shoot 299. Absolutely ludicrous!


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