Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wow...what a Night...Cesar beats his girlfriend and then tops Tommy Salami by 1 pin for Week 25 BBT Title!

Cesar smacks Tommy with a Salami - Wins 259-258 (245-245) scratch for 2nd BBT Win of the 2007/2008 BBT Winter Tour

Easily one of the best nights ever in the BBT...great matches, excellent scores and Dee almost made it to the finals. Here's is how it played out:

So whats a guy to do? You qualify first, bowling great, win your first match and now you have to shoot against your girlfriend...OOPS...what do you do? Let her win? Try to beat her and get her mad at you? Or give it your all...?

Well Cesar had no choice, he had to try his hardest because Dee gave him everything that he could handle and just fell short leaving a soft 10 pin in the 10th. It falls, and it is another story.

Graciously, accepting the loss, Dee rooted on Cesar in the Finals against Tommy Salami who is bowling just great, but Cesar denied Tommy's chances for back to back wins by striking in the 10th, 11th and getting 9 in the 12th to shut out Tommy, who struck out to make it a 1 pin game. Great match...very entertaining...I am happy I took the night off...saved some dough...

During qualifying, Chalupa and Salami were both throwing the ball great and no surprise in my mind that they would make the top 4. Kudos to Dee and Reinfart for making the top 4.

Scores to follow: (Statistician sent incorrect data) Scores to be posted Sunday...


  1. hey lou, PJ lost 1 dollar on you because you said "SALAMI" instead of "BURRITO" or "CHALUPA" haha

    you never once make an italian joke the whole time we have been bowling and you say that...


  2. how do those burgers get that much cap? 13 and 14 pins. thats just crazy

  3. cesar do you ever smile ?

    i thought i was bad


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