Saturday, February 9, 2008

Reinhart finishes with 300 to shot 805!!!!!

Blasts 259, 246 and 300 for 805!!!

Well you knew it would happen...after knocking on the sanctioned 300 and 800 door before, Mr. Reinhart, did it last night...shooting 300 in his last game for an 805 SERIES!!!

"I was not nervous, as my confidence level was there...I knew I had the last strike during my backswing", Kevin said.
And strike he did...the first ball in the 10th was a decent trip 4 pin, the second, he had a pretty good can-opener and the last ball was without a doubt...up the arse...high flush, solid, 10 in the pit, nothing left on the deck...PERFECT STRIKE!!

No gagging, monkey spanking or a Ciccone on this was perfect.

All of us at lousbowlingblog want to congratulate our friend on his great accomplishment...all I can say is I was happy that I stopped by to witness this most excellent event.


  1. Nice shooting Kev. I felt all warm inside when I heard the news.Oops,or maybe I just peed myself. Anyhow , couldn't be happier for ya buddy.

  2. Waz, thank you so much bud. It was a huge monkey off back and you guys have all been a big support for me. Lou, thank you for your support and hanging out there last night. You kept a little of the pressure off of me by just being "Lou".

  3. Congratulations Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey Waz! Who was your golf coach at OCC! I had Symonds for Baseball.

  5. Hey Guys

    Check out this website, this is funny. Lou never told us he had a record!LOL!,_1964

  6. Kev - Exellent shooting!! Very happy for you I know how badly you wanted it!! Congrats buddy!

  7. Thanks Mike...everyone's support has really really helped.

  8. Simply put, best bowler I've ever bowled with. Not saying much, but certainly something. Nice work Kev!

  9. not to beat a dead horse but I am just reading this now...great shooting Kev.

  10. great shooting kevin. I was walking thru the doors as u had your last shot, i heard the cheering as i turned the corner past the vending machine so i didnt actually see it. But great job.

  11. Again, thank all of you for your comments and support.

  12. This is your 1 and only DEE.

    CONGRATS on the 805 and the 300 .. I am really proud of you .. I guess I inspired you.

    I know how much you have wanted it and now it finally happened.

    so here is the famous ?

    So Kevin, you got your 800 you shot your 300.. what are you going to do now ?

    I really wish I had a name instead of this anonymous shit !


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