Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Monday Wrap-Up - Mike Freese Blasts 300!!!!

In all of my years of bowling in a league, I have never had a team-mate shoot 300. So last night was special. Mike Freese, our anchor man shot 300, his first one and it was pretty cool. He was really excited, he brother is on our team, his father-in-law and brother in law are on the team, so it was really, really cool. Plus a few of his friends were also there so it was the perfect setting. The first 2 in the 10th were buried up the arse...and the last ball was a bit high, but it easily tripped the 9 pin for the perfecto!!!

To make the 300 even better, I shot 242 in the second game so we had 599 with handicap for doubles...and the even better part...I beat the self professed best bowler at River Rand, Hole-man by 2 pins for first in doubles...!#$!@#!!$

Take that bitch...(he left a ringin' 10 pin on the first ball in the tenth...hit 9, you get nine...bend over, not enough ball for the house...) Woo Woo...woo woo woo!!
Woo Woo...woo woo woo!! Woo Woo...woo woo woo!! (Vonage song)...

Mr 300 went on the sweep the doubles pot, thus making his 300 extra, extra special. Great bowling Mike...it was really cool and fun to see...

Here are the pot results:

Weekly Pot Winners


King of the Hill HDC

Pins Over Average

Ryan B




Jim Voight


Mike Freese






King of the Hill Scratch

3rd Game Scratch

Ryan B


Ryan B


Tommy R.



Series Handicap

Mike F/Lou V


Mike F/Hole-Man


Instant Clean

Mike F/Bob F


Ryan B/Max



  1. Let's get this clear a'hole. I am not the self proclaimed best bowler in the house. That is something that your twisted f'n mind made up when I asked Kevin Reinfart if I could have his title of Mr. River Rand when he left for Florida. So F U LOU DOUCHE.

  2. Shouldn't 'Mr. River Rand' at least put down his name rather than hide behind 'anonymous'?

  3. Hey Listen...butt hole-man you said it and not me. I might have mis-understood your intent but you said it...and yeah, you are a decent bowler...but your were not good enough to beat me in doubles last night...my GrandMother throws more ball than you when she needs it...and she is 96. She doesn't throw a spinner like you.

    You blow in the clutch...I was told you left a b.s. 1/2 hit 10 pin in the tenth...so don't take out your failures on me...remember, hit 9---get 9.

  4. I was there that night boys. Lou in his Lou way said to Chris after their normal heated exchange if he thought he was the best bowler at River Rand and of course Chris said yes in his own special way.But I believe also that Chris is correct on only taking the title if Kev moved to Fla.We all know how these boys get in each others face, and Lou can embelish from time to time. Nothing wrong with thinking you are the best bowler when you are very close. Can't believe Lou actually said that Chris throws a spinner ball. Hello Kettle, this is the Pot and your black. No offense Melvin.

  5. Ok...maybe I am practicing Yellow Journalism by slightly embellishing what Butt Hole-man said...but not by much.

    And I agree...he doesn't really throw a spinner...and my Grandmother may not throw more ball then Hole-Man, and yes he has won more money in the doubles pot than anyone by a large margin...but he still blows and is a douche.

  6. Agreed. Let's not forget, bowling's

  7. 599, not too shabby Lou, but after all, it's no 612. Right Rob?

  8. Apologies to Holeman---I miss quoted him...a bit...he said if Kevin goes to Florida, he would be the best bowler at River Rand...sure...!!!

  9. settle down MAN WHORES..

    Settle down... do I need to get in the middle and settle this ?



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