Monday, February 18, 2008

Is Rob Stones Hambone saying for a 4 bagger picking up steam

"Hambone" for a 4 bagger- what about the rest?

Rob Stone, the new voice of the PBA is trying to inject some new stuff into the broadcasts and I really am starting to like the guy and his various sayings. Such as "drop and give me 10" for a strike and the others he uses.

But without a doubt, the term "Hambone" for a 4 bagger seems to be catching on as evident by the number of "hambone" signs there were Sunday at the Pepsi Challenge in Omaha, NB. Now I realize that in Omaha, besides Warren Buffett and good steaks and the Corn Huskers..there may not be much to do...but never the less, when Pete Weber gives Rob Stone the "chop" and says, "Rob Stone, here is your hambone" is catching one...

Now what about Double, 5 bagger, 6 bagger, 7 bagger, 9 bagger, 10 bagger, 11 bagger don't they all need names now, don't they? Got any ideas?

You don't have to name all of them, but let see what you got.


  1. Now don't get ahead of yourself and totally gay up bowling.
    5 bagger--5 in a row
    6 bagger--Non Lou
    7 bagger--Non Lou and 1
    8 bagger--double bone
    9 bagger--non Lou and a turkey
    10 bagger--non Lou and a nickle
    11 bagger--where's Lou

  2. 12 Bagger - - Let's call that a 300!!! Rob Stone is better than the other guy they used to have, but he's still gay!

  3. A"300" is a Big Bone! When you get no strikes you are self boned!

  4. Kool Aid!!! You're still alive. How are things? Don't love us enough to comes see us some time?

  5. I think a 300 should be a "boner"



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