Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bowling Cancelled for Tonight

The Wednesday league and the BBT is postponed for tonight due to the snow. Now the younger guys didn't really care, but the old goats wanted to cancel...(just kidding)...

The snow amounts were very variable depending on where you lived and the North and Northwest suburbs got hammered...

See you next week...


  1. no bowling should never be cancelled again.

  2. So Cesar didn't make the cut, good call Lou.

  3. For as much as Cesar practices, he should average 275. But he just can't get it going...he needs more pinto beans for strength and endurance.

  4. Hey Lou,
    Mayor Daley just called. He wants to know if they get the Olympics, can he borrow one of your caldrens from your backyard.
    Please forgive spelling on caldren,never wrote that word down in my life

  5. Are we going to bowl tonight or are the old guys (Lou) going to call Cragi and tell him it is too cold to bowl???


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