Monday, February 4, 2008

Biggest Monkey Spank ever? It may be...!!!

Joe Ciccone whiffs a 2-5 to lose PBA Double Classic

I personally have watched the PBA on Television since I was 17 years old...haven't missed many shows in those years so I have seen many, many clutch shots and chokes...but Sunday I witnessed without a doubt the biggest MONKEY SPANK ever.

In the finals of the PBA Doubles Classis at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, Joe Ciccone and Ronnie Russell got every break in the world as Danny Wiseman and Micheal Fagan gave them every opening possible after having a huge lead.

Ronnie Russell and Ciccone responded by keeping the match close with a bunch of strikes...and after Micheal Fagan did not double in the 10th, Team Ciccone/Russell, down 10 pins had a chance.

Ciccone gets up needing a double in the 10th to win... He throws the first shot on the right lane, which he pretty much had mastered all day...and boom...high flush strike.

Needs the second strike to win...or a spare to tie...asks for a re-rack, picks up his ball...takes forever to get on the line...moves his head back and forth...(it is obvious he is either a psycho or really nervous, as he has never won a PBA title) throws the ball like crap...leaves a 2-5.

Now this is not the easiest spare in bowling...but for a pro...he should make it blindfolded...Ciccone gets his ball right away...and instead of all of his gyrations on the approach...throws the ball immediately and MISSES THE SPARE LEFT...BY A MILE. .. Not even close.

Joe Ciccone...spank away...that one will be hard to beat for a while...No pun intended...

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  1. WHO CARES !!!!

    this kind of stuff is bowling.

    REAL life River Rand Bowling DRAMA brings much more laughter


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