Wednesday, February 6, 2008

BBT Continues Wednesday Night

Will Cesar ever make the cut again?

We are in the final 3rd of the 2007/2008 BBT Winter Tour and there is still many things to be settled.

Who will win the Bowler of the Year Honors? Who will make the top 8 in points and shoot for the bonus $$ in the season ending Tournament of Champions?

Can anyone catch Rob D? Will the Miracle known as PJ continue to make the cut every week? Can Mike R (Tittie) make the top 4 for the 5th week in a row? Where's Reinfart? Will he win again? Will the new guys be back for more? Hole-man, Mike C, Mike K, Mike D?

What about Cesar? Sure been quiet lately. And can Dee continue her hot hand from Sunday? Check back tomorrow for the results.


  1. i love you boobie ? (CESAR) that is..

    Now don't all you man whores get jealous !!!


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