Thursday, January 17, 2008


Woody Shoot 300 in Game 3

The stage was set for drama. Woody, who is a great guy who everyone likes...starts with the first 6 strikes in game 3. Nice start since he probably will win the strike pot with 6...

He steps up on the 7th and throws a good shot...leaves a semi-ringing 10 pin and we all feel bad for him...but wait, there's more...a pin on the deck was heading toward the 10 pin from the left to me it seemed like it was near the 8 pin or so...but it was moving pretty good....we wait and wait...for what seemed like a minute...the pin keeps comes the rack...the pin hits the 10 pin and it starts to fall a nano-second before the rack hits may have been the closest rack I have ever seen...but it did NOT hit the pin. Woody has the first 7.

8th frame...boom, 9th frame boom...first ball in the 10th...a tad high...trips the 4 pin, the place goes wild, the next 2
are solid up the arse.

We were the last ones to finish, so the Woodster had a a large cheering section and the crowd erupted when he got the 12th...

Woody put on a good show of emotion and we were all thrilled for was his 3rd 300.

Congrats to Woody from lousbowlingblog.

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