Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wednesday Pot Winners

Big Ern (aka Ken Gorman) Wins High Game
of Night HDC

Another fun night at the ole' bowling center and a bunch of new names atop the pot winners board. Kyle S. cleaned up in brackets, sweeping all six and came in second in King, John Swierk, won King and cashed a few times, Wazy shot 266 the last game to shoot another 700 and sweep all scratch pots...(Big Ern) Ken Gorman, won high game of the night with Handicap...good news...Tony Kulak finally cashed...

Here are the scores:

Weekly Pot Winners

King of the Hill
3rd Game Scratch
John Sweirk 287
Waz 266
Kyle S 253
Tony Kulak!! 245
8 in a row

Waz 8
Pins Over Average
Tony Kulak 114
Strike Pot
John Swierk 96
Terry Caldwell 5

High Game Night HDC
Ken Cohen/Matt M 533
Ken Gorman 306
Tittie/Waz 519
John Swierk 287

Wazy 272
High Game Scratch
Waz 266
High Game Handicap



Kyle 160

Waz 79
Instant Clean
Shawn 74
Kasten 15

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