Thursday, January 17, 2008

Waz 'n Friends wrap up 2nd 3rd...

Captain Wazy of the 2nd 3rd winners

Great team on paper and as it turned out this third...great team period, as Waz 'n Friends handily won the 2nd 3rd with a week to go. They came out of the box strong and never looked back.

Congrats to them as they are a bunch of really good guys (seriously) and lousbowlingblog salutes them...


  1. Nice picture of Waz! Is that his Popeye look? Uh gagaga!!!!!

  2. He's been hanging around matza to long.

  3. Yeah...Matza with a $6.00 haircut...

  4. Lou,I didn't know you bought your sons a $6.00 haircut. Maybe you shold get one for yourself as well.


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