Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monday Mayhem...Review of 1/14/08

Lease makes Bill Switalski
seem fast on the approach (Impossible)!!

I have been wondering.....why does Lease bowl so slowly...he stands on the floor, not the approach and just stares at the pins...what the hell is he looking at? I was next to him yesterday and finished 2 shots before he even took one shot...? If you cloned him and Bill Switalski into one person...it would take them 5 minutes per shot...what is that all about? Get the ball and throw the bitch...what are you doing up there?...Do you take a quick nap? Or mental Yoga? Think about dropping a deuce? ?????

I think on Monday that they guys are more wound up....maybe it is getting out of the house and away from the Wife and Kids...but there sure is a lot of drinking, swearing, yelling, laughing and other assorted craziness. And it seems to be getting more intense.

New ball returns are being installed and most excellent proprietor, Craig Kouros made an announcement and asked that you don't kick the ball returns...kick a Matza...but in one final act of punishment to the old ball returns...T.B Reamer, kicked the ball return so hard...the noise was heard on lanes 25/26...can't imagine that he did not put a hole in it...or break his foot...then later in the night...he allegedly ripped it apart! He can now use it as a spoiler on his car...

The Dopes stayed around until 2:30am betting on pot games, strikes, misses, etc. New cast of characters...The Taylor boys shot one game, then Dave Geuder/Holeman shot against Saffold and Travis...giving pins...lots of side bets, lots of Coors light and I got the update this morning from my roving reporter and it was alleged that Travis and B Reamer bet on strikes and B Reamer did not lose one frame?!! Ouch...how can you bet on a guy who does not throw 1 strike in a game? And $5.00 per frame....like I said...dopes...

Here is the pot overview:

Weekly Pot Winners

King of the Hill HDC
Pins Over Average
Ken Geuder 302 Matt Taylor 67
Linker 251 Joel Nagle 42
McMillen 233 Bobby Freeze 47
J Matza 206

King of the Hill Scratch
3rd Game Scratch

Frankie B 270 Frankie B 270
Rob D 209 Wazy 205
Wazy 205 Frank Orlow 173
Series Handicap

No Pot
Holeman-I'm Jellen 511

Lease/I'm Jellen 506 Instant Clean
Don David/T Determan 499 Wazy 27
Jeff Matza/Holeman 499

Special Score Note - Kenny Geuder shot 418 a few weeks ago and shot 698 last night...270 pins higher...wow!!! What a douche...that may be a record...

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