Monday, January 28, 2008

Haugen Wins Tournament of Champions - Chris Barnes really Spanks his Monkey

In what was probably the biggest monkey spanker in a long, long time...Chris Barnes lost a 50+ pin lead to Michael Haugen Jr. to lose the H&R Block tournament of Champions, 215-214.

Now I think Chris Barnes is a really likable guy...he always loses graciously, is very nice to the crowd at Hawthorne Lanes, when the PBA is there and seems to be a very good family man...but this guy just can't win on TV.

He used to stop at the line a bunch of times on TV, seems to gag when he needs a big shot and yesterday, I would have bet $10,000 that he was unbeatable.

He pounded the wee out of Ryan Schafer, pounding the hole constantly in the first 5 frames of the final match...I said screw it this match is over and started to fast forward my TIVO to get to the end so that I can hear Barnes speech after winning.

...but then Haugen doubles and Barnes 9/, 9/, 9/...I stop fast forwarding just in time to see Barnes miss a 10 pin in the 9th, (by quite a bit) and realize that Haugen, Jr. can make it a match.

Haugen strikes in the 9th, strikes in the 10th, 11th and 9 pins on the fill ball forcing Barnes to double to win or fill 20 to tie...Barnes steps up and throws an ass ball...leaves a 2 pin...makes it with ease and now needs a strike to tie...yanks the bitch and leaves a solid 4 chance to trip and Haugen pulls off one of the better upsets in a long, long time.....WOW...who ever said bowling on TV is a douche bag...

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