Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dan J Sweeps Doubles Pot and More

Powered by Coors Light - Danny J needs a Brinks truck to take home his winnings

Well, it all came together last night for Danny J. Using Coors power, he pounded the hole repeatedly and won so many pots, he had to have the Brinks people deliver his winnings to his house...(yeah I know it is only across the street)...

He swept doubles, 2nd in King Scratch, won Instant Clean, Pins over average twice, 2nd in King handicap...wow...nice bowling you big douche...

Here are the scores:

Weekly Pot Winners

King of the Hill HDC
Pins Over Average
George Geyer 299 Dan J 42
Danny J 230 Dan J 83
J Nuzzo 229 Bob Smolen 26
Gary Griger 210

King of the Hill Scratch
3rd Game Scratch

Will 212 Ryan Briscoe 247
Danny J 199 Hole-Man 232

Series Handicap

Danny J/Krone 594

Danny J/Gimenna 569 Instant Clean
Danny J/I'm Jellen 560 Danny J 20

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