Wednesday, January 23, 2008

BBT Week 22 Tonight!!

Can Mike Tittie make it back-back-back-back Finals?

With out a doubt the hottest bowler on the BBT for the last 3 weeks is Mike R. He has finished 2nd three weeks in a you can look at that 2 ways...1. He sucks in the finals or 2. He is bowling great and at least making it to the finals.

Personally, I say he sucks...but that's just me.

Week 21 had Fritz putting on a pretty impressive show, pounding the wee-wee out of everyone. Can he repeat or will he miss the cut...he rarely has put much together, as he wins or blows...

Grandpa D is in Florida so I will be the oldest in the field and look for redemption and to save the day for the 50+ crowd...I am ready to pummel anyone in my way...

Chalupa has not won is 10 he finished?

Dee, our token female BBT tour member, best finish so far is 3rd...can she do better tonight?

Frankie has not bowled in 4 he retired?

Reinfart finally won 5 weeks ago, but has not finished higher than 3rd he due again?

Lou - A total embarrassment

PJ - wins week 19 in a very exciting match and then comes in 11th and misses last week...but he has had such a great run...we look for good things tonight...

Rob D - Won three out of 4 in weeks 12, 14 and 15 and then not much...missed 2 weeks because he is PW and wife was in town...

Rob F - Not having much fun tonight when he finally smiles again?

Shawn...mised the last 2 weeks...did his shift change at work?

Tommy - If I think I blow...check out his stats...12, 15, 9, 7, 10, 10, and 8th place holy cow...he sucks...

Wazy - Like I said many times...which wazy shows? He either wins (a lot) or blows.

See you all tonight...


  1. Hey Lou

    Is your email address: Just checking, cause I want to send you some emails. Nice assessment of the BBT field. No sugarcoating there! I'll be showing up again someday soon. See if I can make a dent in the field.

  2. Dent this bitch! Love ya


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