Wednesday, January 16, 2008

BBT Continues Tonight - Week 21

BBT week 21 tonight

It has been 20 weeks already for the Blog Bowling Tour (BBT) and we have had a lot of fun, competition and interesting moments.

Some of the surprises...PJ for one. He continues to make the cut, shoots well in most match games and is number 3 in points.

Rob D - He can shoot some really big games and lousy ones also. But his 3 titles and top money earnings is impressive.

Wazy is shooting very, very well this year. In both leagues and has won 4 BBT titles. And he is not 100% as his foot is giving him problems. Wish my feet were sore...

Mike R - Mostly underachieving all season but has back to back runner up finishes in the last 2 this a breakout week for him.

Dee - Only Female BBT bowler and has led qualifying twice in the few tournaments she has bowled in, but has run into buzz saws in the match games...(nobody wants to lose to a girl)

Cesar - Throws is great but when he gets bad breaks...he is very beatable. Has only 1 win this year after a great summer.

Reinfart - only 1 win this winter...hard to believe

Lou V - The 1973 champ may be done...1 win in 34 weeks...that really, really, really blows...

Brian F - Has won twice, but has no 2nd's, no 3rd's and only 1 either he wins or nothing.

Rob F. - Won once this winter and has to keep his emotions in is hard to do, but it is really important to not beat yourself...

Dennis - After winning week 1, Grandpa D has struggled a bit. When he carries...unbeatable

Shawn - Bowling great and has 3 second place finishes...look for him to win more often

The rest of the BBT bowlers are starting to shoot more often and we hope to see some new faces in the winners circle soon.


  1. Dee is the only girl not named Lou is what you meant to say. Comments have to be posted, what fun is the blog if nobody comments?

  2. Still wating for a retractment of a statement made about my lousy Monday team.The 7-UPS and Lou and The Leisure Suits are within 9 pins of handicap yet a statement was made about my lousy team winning.
    Lou's Team 50-76
    Waz's Team 97-29

    Do the math '73 boy.

  3. Ok, Ok, Ok...Your team on Monday has a great record. 48-8 in a Mens league is very good. And your over all record is very impressive...there I said are like an old bitch...


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