Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Commentary from Me..

Commentary from Lou V.

It is Wednesday...snow on the ground, colder than a witches tit and the League and the BBT continues tonight.

I really like this Wednesday League. Great guys, tons of pots and a lot of laughs. No dick heads either...every league has a dick head or two...but we are lucky...some Mangina's but no dick-heads.

Kudo's to Reinfart and Terry Caldwell for their fine co-secretaryship. Reinfart does an excellent job as a Secretary....who would have known...and Terry Caldwell must have been a drill Sargent in the Marines...he takes no shit in the meetings we have and keeps everything on track.

Can't hype the BBT too much, as we did not bowl last week, but I am sure that the non-winners are getting really sick of not winning after 14 weeks of play...I predict a new champion tonight...

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  1. That has got to be the UGLIEST picture ever!


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