Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wazy wins hi/lo doubles 3 times...crudge match finishes the night

Were more pins knocked down than ounces consumed? It was close...

What do you get when you have 8 guys with balls in their hands, fueled by beverages and a pocket full of cash? Pot games...and Monday we had pot games.

8 of us stayed around after the league was over and shot hi/lo doubles, shooting 2 frames per pair, moving across 10 lanes. There was a high game pot each game and it was very entertaining.

Wazy won 3 of the 1st 4 matches, twice with Bob Jellen (he was gell'n) and once with Saffold...don't remember who one the last game but it wasn't me...I think it was Hole-man and Butt Reamer...

Games 4 and 5, the guys who shot on our pair of lanes, Travis, Lou V. Jellen and Hole-Man were challenged for more $$ to shoot against Tommy, Jenital, Wazy and Saffold...now we had Travis so we had to get pins...we got 30 the first game and beat them scratch and got 20 the last game and beat them by over 100 pins scratch...it was fun as they are a very animated team...but as your mother used to say..."Bowling and Beer do mix...but after a certain amount of shots and beer...that 1/3 pocket seems like it is 120 feet away..."

It was fun...

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