Monday, November 5, 2007

Sip in 10th Place Overall Wow...!!!

The PBA Fantasy League has over 3,000 participants and guess who is in 10th place?

Our own Sip. Check out # 10

1. Orange Moose 216,701.92
2. viking JV bowlers 213,837.45
3. Jump up and down with the Gewk and the GAP 206,206.50
4. JAC Strikers 204,940.00
5. Help needed we need a name! 204,498.75
6. Massapequa Mavericks 204,268.50
7. the horde 202,493.15
8. Team Brunswick 200,788.75
9. Phatt & Purrious 200,753.25
10. Sippers 200,518.60


  1. Don't get too excited Lou, afterall, this is a bowling fantasy league. My wife thinks we are all geeks for doing this anyway.

  2. Hey, you need to give credit where credit is due...10th place is great...when was the last time you were in the top 1000? Bitch...

  3. you of all people should not be calling anyone bitch...homo

  4. You are a homo...all you talk about are Jimmys nipples...what is that are a homo...

  5. S O T BIATCHES!!!


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