Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pot Update 11/28/07 - Woodie and Ken Cohen get it done...

Woodie got lots of Wood

Ken Cohen and Woodie the Big Winners as Ken shot the best he has in years and Woodie may be back...He has struggled all year and shot 26x and 278 yesterday...Great bowling Woodard...Here are the results...

Weekly Pot Winners

King of the Hill

Woodie 301

Shawn 266

Fritz 261

Pins Over Average

Ken Cohen 100

Fritz 93


Ken Cohen/Kyle 488

Woodie/Hal 561

High Game Scratch

?? ??

3rd Game Scratch

?? ??

8 in a row None

Strike Pot Shawn, Woodie, Tony U (3)

High Game Night HDC

Art Preus 265

Ken Cohen 251

Joe Nugent 263

High Game Handicap

Woodie 301

Woodie 281

Chris Matza 268


Ken Cohen 204

Fritz 126

Shawn 104

Tittie 57

Wally Papciak 52

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