Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Position Round tonight - First 3rd Championship at stake

How many 5 pin counts will he have tonight - And How many Budweisers?

There are 4 teams who can win tonight, here is the brief scenario.

CR Balls has 44 points and the Petersen Plastics who has 42 points face off in the first matchup. CR Balls has to win 2 games to beat Petersen, but have to win 5 to guarantee at least a tie as Instant results are right behind with 42 points and if the LouDoos win 7 and CR Balls wins 2 games and not series they win.......woooH!! Lots of possiblities.

Here are the standings:

1 CR Balls 44
2 Petersen Plastics 42
3 Instant Results 42
4 LouDoo's 41

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