Monday, November 12, 2007

PJ Wins PBA Fantasy League Week 3

PJ, is on a hot streak...he has won a bunch of dough, is bowling much better, did great for most of the night playing cards on Friday and wins the week in the LouDoo's River Rand PBA Fantasy League. Excellent are the scores:

Rank Team Week 3
1 I park in a handicap spot 84,939.00
2 The Oh Yeah's 73,791.00
3 Ritti34's Storm 73,611.00
4 Denpins 64,079.00
5 "1973" NJCAA Champion 59,736.95
6 Tish Johnsons Left Nut 56,400.50
7 Sippers 49,357.75
8 Yom Kippur Klippers 38,595.50


  1. When I want to trade bowlers, It doesnt let me trade them for their current value correct? Right now i think Rash is worth 300,00 but i can only trade him for the value he started with??

  2. Bah, he's still retarded....

  3. When you trade a bowler you recoup the original price you purchased him for.There's a total for how much you spent and how much you have left.


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