Thursday, November 8, 2007

Petersen Plastics Wins - Beats Slater's Instant Result in Playoff game

Classy Sponsor Kevin Petersen and Petersen Plastics wins the 1st 3rd

What a great finish to the first 3rd. Petersen Plastics barely beat Instant Results for the Championship.

The night started off with CR Balls (44 points versus Petersen 42 points) CR Balls wins the first match, but the Plastic boys have a very, very good team and won the next 2 games and series.

Now they were on pins and needles because the LouDoo's after losing the first game were eliminated giving the Instant Results a chance for the sweep and first place since CR Balls and Petersen split the first 2 games. (the LouDoo's only had 4 bowlers, that blows) and had a tough time beating the Slaters, Nick, Howard and Fritz.

After getting pounded the first 2 games and listening to Slaters heckling, the LouDoo's had to win to force a playoff. Up steps Mr. Clutch, (Lou V) needs a strike to close it out...of course Boom...10 in the pin, we win, giving Petersen Plastics an entry into the playoffs with Slater.

Slater hurt his knee and was severely handicapped going into the playoff, but they hung tough and only lost by about 20 pins. Slater struck on the first ball in the 10th and needed a double to force Dan Goldstein to mark, he threw the ball great and left a ringing 7 pin, Slater steps up and throws the too fast and leaves a solid 5-10 in the hole...Petersen Wins. Dan made the spare anyway.

Great playoff match and my Congrats to them...


  1. Mr. Clutch. Blow me. Does anybody else think that it is a coinsedence that after kicking the "73 champ off their team they begin the march to greatness?

  2. Don't pick on the '73 champ...He didn't want to bowl with non Catholics...being as religious as he is.

    And blow yourself...I didn't see Waz n' Pusses in the running for anything and you lost to a bunch of 80' year old all blow...

  3. Isn't funny how someone who remains anonymous can talk big on the blog. In the running for biggest choke of the first third and the Loudoos sure stepped up and took home that honor. That powerhouse Loudoos way ahead of Waz n Friends we can't even see those guys they are so far ahead of us.We all blow? Look at the pot winners sheet, it's loaded with Loudoos. Look real close anonymous


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