Wednesday, November 7, 2007

PBA Fantasy League Standings updated

Tittie is 194.5 points out of last place

Now that Mr. Kook Aid finally logged in, we have his first week scores and we are official. Here are the standings:

Team Totals
1 Sippers 200,518.60
2 Yom Kippur Klippers 176,091.17
3 The Oh Yeah's 164,673.00
4 Denpins 146,911.00
5 Tish Johnsons Left Nut 144,770.50
6 I park in a handicap spot 138,963.75
7 Ritti34's Storm 133,562.25
8 "1973" NJCAA Champion 133,367.75

Notice who is in almost last place...and the computer analysis has not started yet so Lou is in last. I blow.

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