Monday, November 5, 2007

The Oh Yeahs win week 2

Kool Aid was the man this week as his Oh Yeah's won week 2 of the PBA Fantasy League. Who in the name of god would have picked Jeff Lizzi and Psycho Man McCune to make TV...anyway, here are the totals for the week.

Rank Team Week 2
1 The Oh Yeah's 87,281.00
2 Tish Johnsons Left Nut 80,743.50
3 Denpins 75,848.00
4 Sippers 72,345.55
5 "1973" NJCAA Champion 65,482.50
6 Yom Kippur Klippers 60,423.00
7 I park in a handicap spot 58,208.75
8 Ritti34's Storm 55,578.50

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